Cover up attempt?

Since the thread I was going to post this on was locked I will ask the question here. Why were the links in the “New Gameplay” thread deleted by mod? From what the who were in time to click the links were saying, they seemed like links to a leaked gameplay / trailer. They didn’t sound any inappropriate content at all, and it reads that that is the reason they were deleted. What?
I don’t what is going on here, weather it is a leak cover up or what. It can’t be due to copy right, because the forum members most likely didn’t create the videos and heaps of these types of links to these forums all the time. A forum moderator had posted a brief description of what was going down, yet it made no sense to me due to the previously mentioned factors. If this is some kind of cover up, it sorely faild because video is already all over Youtube. If anyone does have info what happened to the thread, please respond. Also if anyone has any sources to the orignal video, please post link below. Cheers :slight_smile:

I can see this topic getting locked before you even get a answer why lol


Not a cover up. Reasoning was given at the bottom of the thread. If the original content owner would like to explain its origins and request that a link be posted, they can contact a moderator.

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