Couple of Gift cars in my Inbox

Checked my inbox today and there were 2 cars waiting for me. 1977 Holden Torano A9X FE which I wasn’t able to win in the October Bounty Hunter event. Also there was a 2015 Ford Falcon GT F 351, which had been a locked car for me. The Forza Gods were smiling today.

Same here, wonder what they were for.

I did not get the Monte Carlo though.

Now if they would just give me more locked cars without me jumping through a bunch of hoops I’d be happier with FM7.


Me too!

Thank you Forza Gods!


I’ll have to check mine when I get home, was pissed that I missed out on the Torana as I came in to the first BH late and didn’t have a chance to try and chase down the time.

So far I have received none at all would be good to know why they were gifted out as MONTE Carlo FE was gifted to others also

I haven’t received these last two cars, and I’m very disappointed.
I received the Montecarlo yesterday but not these ones, I really don’t understand.
Turn 10 can you explain the situation?

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I haven’t recieved these either. I was desperately trying to win the '77 holden torano FE in the photo contest but had no chance.

Week in review might shed some light on friday.

The above two cars, plus the Monte Carlo Super Sport FE and the Hyundai 2019 Driver Gear. I competed in the Rivals event for the Driver Gear. Don’t know why but happy to receive 3 new cars.

I would also like an explanation to this as I sort of write off how to get the locked cars and these 2 are just not explained so I might have to write them off as unexplained gift cars

I didn’t receive a message inbox about those two cars at all. I would love to have that Falcon GT F 351. I would like an explanation about this.

I didn’t receive the Monte, hopefully I will get these two. I missed out on the Holden for the first BH event. I wonder if these are related to the FRC.

Aren’t those cars prizes for participating to the Forza RC Qualifer ?

No they’re not, the prize for that is the Chevrolet Chevelle Super Sport 454 FE:

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To add to this, I got the cars and I never bothered with the RC Qualifier.

Maybe the Community Rivals events we vote for on twitter?

No not likey but 2 things spring to mind Completion of the entire Solo game evey single race done could be one and the other Doing all the rivals as they appear I have done both completed the entire game and also done every rivals listed. Oh and one other i have done at least 1 league race every week It could be any one of these or none or a combination of 2 or 3 of them.

But all I can say is keep the happy mail comming I like checking my gift mail

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Could be. I do try to set times in any events that pop up.

It doesn’t say what the prizes are, but possibly.

I got all three cars. They have to be for rival events. I attempt them all. Usually, I don,t receive a gift car until after the event has disappeared from the game menu. Maybe these are gifts from the Rival events that were removed recently? (A day or two ago) Like March #1, #2, #3 Community events as mentioned above

No mention off reward cars on the air if that’s the case some missed out because it was not stated in week in review last week