Countries Event

Who but me finds the new “countries” event extremely bad? For example, you have c600 as a default in an event. My favorite cars are in Japan. Well, so I’m looking for a car from Japan manufacturers that can be tuned to c600. That was a Subaru.

BUT when I enter the event there aren’t even any cars offered from each country (only 5 countrys). And Only one car from Japan was represented, a Mitsubishi.

There was no information in the event that allowed a conclusion which Japan car was only approved. So it was not tuned and not painted. REAL??? How bad can you design something like that? So designing it even worse would almost be an admirable art in itself. Forgive the sarcasm. But what else is there to say about that?

When reading the patch notes, I thought the idea was great. Finding them implemented in this way is again typical, sorry, lovelessly slapped.

You think they had a really great idea and well.
What do you think about that?

You can only work around the problem by starting the event, hoping that the country you want is represented and remembering which vehicle you have to take. VERY veeeerrrryy stupid.
Btw. i have all cars in this game only some Exklusives i missed from events.




I feel it’s rigged, cause in the current season, including the other future weekly events, only one country is available(Japan for custom, USA For the showcase…) meaning some countries have a major advantage to others.
If these don’t count, I would be happy… cause I would like a new car from France by working out for it, cause we could grant the community a Bugatti Centodieci ! Or a Bolide if it’s even possible since that well… it’s only a concept

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Yeah, the idea was great but it doesn’t seem very well thought out.


You just described FH5


Having put hundreds and hundreds of hours in Horizon 3, and 4, almost 400 into Forza Motorsport 7, and nearing 400 hours in Horizon 5, I think it’s safe to say that your entire comment literally describes the entire Forza Horizon 5 experience. Nice idea, garbage implementation.


In the festival playlist you can list the eligible cars per event. It appears one specific car from each country is available for each event. For Italy it’s always the Lambo LM 002, probably because it’s the only C-class Italian car. But for other countries it varies for each event.

Ferrari Dino is C Class, it’s also only available as a WS or Seasonal reward. Or the Ferrari 250 California which is 18.5mil from the Autoshow. I think PG painted themselves into a corner for Italian cars in C Class!

As is the Lambo Espada, which is DLC and I think the old Maser race car is too.

You know Italian cars were C class? Alfas and Lancias!!

Anyway, for those of you struggling to find a car, Max posted a list of each eligible car in the main Seasonal thread.

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The Ferrari Dino and California are both C class cars. I do not understand why I cannot pick either.

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I’ve enjoyed my cars so far. Vauxhall Corsa for trial, Lola T70 weekly and Jag E-Type road. Just so you know in the trial a Renault won the first race in the trial and I won the second. Japan had most entries, but didn’t make the podium :wink:

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Yes, i have too Problems with Japan Cars. In the 10 Points Multiplayer Event i used the Mizu and was so slow compared to the France car and even a offroad car was faster on the asphalt event.
Its very unbalanced. The next booringnes is that all events are c Ranked Cars.

C class cars are just too slow, at least it wasn’t D class I supposed, and far too restrictive with which cars you can use from each country.


Watch what you say man, the may take your comment serious and make everything “D Class” in an upcoming season!!

@OP same here. took a Nissan, tune it to C600. Entering event., Nope no Nissan had to take a stock car from the offering and retry again.

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I quit the first race after staring in the Peugot. My Mitsubishi had a A800 tune applied so didn’t show in the available list. Once I figured out that I could have it I quit and found a C class tune and reentered.

Sort of weird only having 5 cars to choose from. I had set up a C class Celica and had planned on using that.

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Would have been better to set it to A class rather than C class and a wider selection of cars from each country.

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Judging by the way they’ve made this week’s events all C600, I’d assume it will be B700 next week, A800 the week after that, and s1 on the final week.

Just a guess, as I skipped through the playlist part on the stream so idk if they showed which classes the other weeks will be.

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Jonathon is almost certainly right, all next week’s rewards are A class with 1 from each country + S1 the week after with the same thing.

Since I used the Eclipse for the Trial I’ll be sticking with Japan, I made a horrible choice trying the Civic with nothing but an off-road suspension upgrade though, won the races but it was very hard work, think I was slowed down to 16mph going through the water on Las Ranas lol.

I can kind of understand the 1 car per country per event though, in Japan’s case for example everyone would have just been spamming the '74 and '97 Civics in the events this week if it was just any car from the countries that was allowed.

Since the winning country’s car that we are supposed to get has probably been already chosen, I doubt it will make any difference what countries car people decide to use, no doubt they will put up a scoreboard somewhere to make us think it makes a difference, but I suspect they have already decided anyway. lol

I’m not even sure it’s a car. It’s probably one of the new racing suits.