Countach HE missing all upgrades after retrieving it from auction house.

Last night I retrieved my Countach HE when it didn’t sell @ auction. I noticed when I retrieved it, the factory wheels where on it. When I went to restore it’s HE tunes, I was charged for all the add ons.
I’ve had 6-7 HE cars not sell at auction but all came back in tact.

If it was the one you received for free during the week it was sent just stock for some reason…the HE tune was not actually applied to it
I had to pay to apply them as well

My XONE is sleeping now until morning …but I’m sure the 5K_QV HE I got had the A800 tune and those horizon tires/wheels. Is this not the proper HE tune?
Also this specific HE car went from pretty valuable (sold @ around 1 million approx. give or take) to be worth next to nothing thanks to this gifting gimmick.
Hope they don’t make a habit of watering down more HE cars like this. Happy trails folks (Y)

Mine came default as a s1 class of 836
I then upgraded it to s1 900 HE tune in the preset tune garage

Sorry, my latest gifted QV5K is also S1 836. My other one bought from AH is S2 968.
Since I have 2 now I won’t bother upgrading the latest one. Interesting though that they did not include the proper HE tune.
They really seem to be slipping as of late with broken Forzathons and now gifting “not really” HE cars …

They are still HE cars

It’s not the tune …it’s the credits boost that makes it HE

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No, this wasn’t the gifted Countach. I won it during wheel spins. It came w/S1 836. The only thing still on the car that I didn’t have to re-purchase were the racing tires.

Funny thing about the gifted Countach, is that the car shows aftermarket rims when you scroll on it in your garage, but when you jump in it, the rims are stock. Still got the Forza tires though.