Couldn't "Cycled Production" Hoppers become standard again?

The racing in the Cycled Production Hopper Lobby has been one of the best Forza Multiplayer experience for me so far. Having to cope with forced stock specs feels like is more about actual driving skill rather than downloading the best leaderboard tune with the best leaderboard vehicle in each class. I always preferred racing with a variety of interesting vehicles rather than what has been pre-labelled winning vehicles such as the Jeep Willy’s or the Ford RS200.

Couldn’t it become a Standard Lobby again (not just lambo only) just like it was in Forza 4 or am I the only one who feels like this should be a returning thing?


I prefer to tune my own cars, but more options to get the races you want the better.

I could mot agree more with everything you said plus it gives you the opportunity to drive new cars you might not otherwise have chosen


It took turn 10 a year and a half to implement them in forza 5. Im happy they added cycled production for lamborghini, but i do think they should add it as a regular option. I think the problem is that the guy who used to make up the cycled production no longer works for turn 10, so theyd either need someone else to do it, or in my opinion just randomize the car and track, not have a list like they did in the past. The only thing theyd have to do is make sure that certain classes dont do certain tracks, like X class on some tiny track, and whatever the lowest class is on like Nordschleife.

Bump for this.

It was quite easily the best playlist in all of the games it has been in. It offered the closest racing and relies on the drivers skill rather than tune and skill.

I think the issue is that it’s another job that someone has to take responsibility for at T10. Although its not rocket science. Heck I would do it unpaid if it meant the community getting the playlist.

I miss the simplicity of it the most :frowning:

This and ABCS were the absolute best parts of Forza online, it’s criminal neither currently exist in FM6.


However Im really grateful that there is Lambo cycled production. If you want pure racing thats the way to go.

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I agree. Cycled Production was by far the best online multiplayer racing in FM4, in my humble opinion. The driver really made the difference, not the tune, and because of that the racing was always really close. I had many great races with the likes of IvorBiggun and alanon10. They were some great cycled production racers back on FM4. Plus you great to try some proper oddball cars you never normally race online.

Would love to see the return of a regular cycled production lobby. The Lambo league is the first step towards this… hopefully.

It was always my favourite lobby in FM4 & 5. As someone who doesn’t like to tune, I appreciated the level playing field.

When I get my butt whipped in a CP race, it’s because of my opponent’s skillz INSIDE the car, not UNDER it :slight_smile:

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When I do well in a setup locked car I’m happy, but I’m also happy when I do well in a lobby using a car I built myself. It’s a good thing there’s enough room in Forza to find satisfaction in both styles of play. What would be great is if they offered a non league hopper with this setup locked format with a different car every week.

I’d love to see this too. Also bring back a multi class hopper like ABCS. The delayed starts in ABCs really helped out with minimizing all of those pile ups at the beginning of races. It’s too bad they removed those. Especially since they got rid rid of custom public lobbies, at least those others offered up a bit more variation.

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How hard would it be to take the lamborghini cycled production hopper and just change the manufacturer every month? Ferrari one month, Chevy the next, Aston, etc. Obviously it won’t work with companies with small car counts in the game.


I too would love to see this. Far too many souped up jeeps destroying proper races. I also like the idea of it because people are all starting on an equal footing. Far too often well tuned cars barge right through and when they get in front the ones they wreck don’t even get to finish races. Also seen guys deliberately toy with others because they know even if they crash the crazy acceleration will get them back in the race.

Cycled Production was my goto hopper. I was in a club with Ivorbigun, HTID Rich, Anklesofazkaban etc called Cycled Production Kings (CPK). We all had immense fun. Really missing it badly. I might spam smartglass with requests and see if anything sticks…

These are a lot of fun! And even the banned SUVs could be driven…Brands Hatch Indy with Hummers anyone? :slight_smile:
This is a must hopper! Immens fun…