Could Convertible Tops Stay Down/Off After Leaving Forzavista?

In a divergence from my usual salty posts: Could convertible tops that come off in Forzavista stay off when we drive?

It seems like something that could be fixed by a minor patch that makes it so parts like convertible tops aren’t replaced when we leave Forzavista and the garage. It would fix the problem with non-working convertible tops (at least, the ones that aren’t permanently down) without having to make an animation for them going up or down and having to assign a button for it.


I like this idea

Exactly my thoughts. I only came here today to say: “Why we can’t have convertibles being converted in garage and then drive them on a road just like they were set in garage (with or without top)?”

That would be a BIG convenience in game.

Wait… you can put the top on and off with convertibles ?
How please ?

You cannot in the normal game. The Dev build that was leaked to PC users allowed this.

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