Could anyone help out the with exclusive taste and Ferrari collector achievements?

Could any one gift me the cars needed for these achievements? I have no need to keep them and would gift them right back after getting the achievements. Thanks

are those cars unattainable now?

I don’t have all the cars but I might have those.

No not a single one of them is “unattainable”.

The Ferrari Collector description is “Own every Ferrari included on Disc 1”. Meaning they are there.
22 cars but a lot of credits. (8 of the 22 can be received for free leveling up)

Exclusive taste is 5 most expensive cars.
3 of them are Ferraris for the above achievement.
1 Aston Martin 1958 (6 million CR)
1 Shelby Daytona 1965 (5 million CR)

All can be gifted, bought, sold, no restrictions (except if you bought them using Tokens, so you can’t gift that specific car), just expensive.