Corvette v 911: Old Foes ... (ENDED)*** see"Eggs vs Arrows"

Here’s a semi-historic, restomod matchup featuring traditional rivals Porsche and Corvette. You may choose your weapon: either the 1967 Corvette or the 1973 911 Carrera RS, Upgrade your car to S Class. Race on the Hockenheimring. As usual, the target times are somewhat leisurely. Post your best lap and replay for either car (or both, if you prefer). This time there is a single prize, which goes to the best time among all participants. The competition closes on June 24. I will have the final results posted within 2-3 days. Soon after that, the winner will receive a Shelby Daytona with special livery and build.

Here are my times to use as a guide:
When I used the Corvette: 1:55.288
When I used the Porsche: 1:55.376

These shouldn’t be hard for everyone to beat. Remember, you’re going up against some drivers who are a whole lot better than I am, and the prize goes to the best lap overall.

Hi TOrque, I’m in
Time to get this one started
I took the 911 to set my first shot - Laptime : 1:44.005 on lap 9 - replay up

so long

Nice work. If you got those Yokohamas replaced you’d probably take another second or two off.
Thanks for joining in.
Look forward to seeing more pix of your liveries (and more replays of your driving)

My times;
Corvette - 1:52:070

Porsche - 1:53:337

Replays on sf.

Great fun, :+1:

Corvette vs 911 - Corvette

Corvette vs 911 - Porsche

Chose the Porsche on this one - 1:49.286 - new PB





Tried both cars
67 Vette 1:48.225 - lap 5
73 911 - 1:46.650 - lap 3
A pb with the Porsche
Replays on the storefront

I hope Titus doesn’t change his tyres, he’s way to fast already lol

Took a while but finally i found a new tire sponsor
Conti - german brand :wink:
and i made a new tune, the old one did not work with these contis
improved laptime . 1:43.595 on lap 2

Congrats on a fine showing. This is the winning time, and I will be sending out the commemorative Shelby Daytona today.