Corrupt tune?

Hey guys n gals,
Just posting an issue I’m having on Xbox one with horizon.

I have a Datsun 510, it’s my favourite car and have tunes for a few different classes.
I recently lost Internet for awhile and just got back on, had an update so I installed that, and now whenever I try and get in my Datsun the game just freezes.
I have tried:
Getting in car through the horizon hubs.
Getting in car at a car meet.
Online and offline.
Even having a friend load an event online and choosing the Datsun then causes a freeze.
This is happening 100% of the time.
I have hard reset, no luck.
I then tried buying a new Datsun, and this worked fine, but if I try and go to load my tune, as soon as I right bumper from setup manager to go to “load tunes” it freezes again.
Lastly, since my tunes were shared, I had my mate try and download the tune for his Datsun and he got freezes as well.
So, as far as I can tell there is some kind of issue with the cloud saved tune being corrupt.
And I just don’t think I can live without my datto :frowning:

Has anyone seen or heard of this happening before and any ideas on a fix?
If anyone is willing to have a look at it also my gamer tag is Ruddy88 so you should be able to do a search for my tunes and let me know if any of them work for you just to collect more data.

Appreciate any help or advice!