Correct braking technique?

What is the correct braking technique using a controller?.
I thought pressing the brake slowly untill you reach maximum brake force, then releasing, rolling thru the corner before you get on the throttle again was the way to go.
But, the AI seems to have a way shorter braking line then me, is there a more effective way?.
ABS lights starts blinking almost as soon as I touch the brakes, I know this is not ideal, but can’t find a way around it.
Should I brake in small pulses, change some controller setting etc.?

Any input would be appreciated :).

Turn ABS off. If you get used to racing with ABS off, threshold braking will always out brake ABS. If you look at the leaderboads on any track in any class, none of the top times use ABS.

it depends on how much brake pressure there is in each setup, but you roll on the brakes very lightly.

also check your deadzone settings on the controller. You want them to be 0-100 or very similar. I think at default they are like 15 or 20 - 95 or something like that essentially taking away 20% of the trigger travel. This should allow it to be easier to be progressive.

When braking you want to brake as hard as possible without locking up and then slowly release the brakes until you are at the desired speed and line through the corner.

Mega first corner crash thanks to noobs.

turn abs off. gently apply brakes as you approach the corner. increase brake pressure the closer you get to the appex. when you reach your desired speed let off the brakes completely and coast through the corner. accelerate out of corner once your car is pointed in the desired general direction.

This is kind of the opposite of how you should turn/brake. You want to get on the brakes hard early on, before turning. As you slow down, let off the brake and start your turn. Decrease your braking as you increase your turn.

The more traction you use for braking, the less that’s available for turning. And the more you use for turning,the less that’s available for braking. It’s called the Traction Circle.

Why gently apply the brakes? You want to use as much of your braking force available to you especially while braking in a straight line… brake as hard as possible then slowly let off.

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according to the telemetry i never apply more then 50% brake pressure. i wouldnt consider that hard braking. and when i brake for a corner i apply the brakes gently (maybe gently isnt the best word to describe it) but quickly and increase the pressure until ive slowed the car down enough to corner without understeer. this keeps me from locking the brakes. everyone drives differently though. what works for me may not work for you.

At least in real life, this is wrong. When you brake very hard from the start, your tail will lift off, you will lose traction and your braking will be less efficient, as discussed in Michael Krumms book “Driving on the Edge: The Art and Science of Race Driving”.

Gently start breaking, then hit it really hard, then release to find your way to the apex, but still breaking gently. till you reach the apex and start accelerating again. But tbh, each corner is different and there is not ONE breaking technique.

I’m very hard on the brakes coming into a corner, but the actual amount of trigger pull that translates to is quite small(depending on the brake pressure setting). I don’t just jam the brake trigger. I tend to ease it on, but fairly quickly, if that makes any sense. lol. It’s easy to lock up the tires and overshoot or hit someone if you aren’t careful.

In general, I brake hard and start to ease off the brakes as I begin turning and immediately roll back onto the throttle to accelerate through the apex. Very little, if any, coasting. If you aren’t still braking, you should be accelerating.

But are the brakes less sensitive without ABS, I allways thought ABS light=locking without ABS. Like it is now I can barely press the brake trigger a couple of mm before the ABS lights up.
Using Thustmaster pedals I need to use a lot of force in order to achieve 100% brake pressure, but now I’m into the grind finishing the last two achievements(just 100 hours left :), why Turn 10 has us fininshing the career 6 times over I don’t understand) and I need to use the controller aswell.
Going to mess around with some more deadzone settings.

I have heard it said you should be on the brake or on the throttle. Never coast through a turn. You loose time coasting. So other than that you have a lot of good advice from everyone who has posted so far. And yes dump the ABS. If you are kicking it off you are braking too hard and you will have a longer braking distance. It is better to learn to do without it.
This time around I think it is easier to consistently find the brake threshold. In FM5 I had trouble finding it and locked up the brakes a lot more than I do now.

So the key is to press brake trigger until you’re about to lockup brakes, but no more.
After turning off ABS this point seems easier to find because the controller rumbles much more when you lock your wheels compared to when ABS kicks in.

I depends on lot of factors as well as the kind of corner you are taking. Some large sweeping turns you can take full throttle or just lift a little. Some may need just a touch of the brakes and others like a 90 degree turn at the end of a long straight may need some hard braking to slow down enough to take the turn. The trick is to find the braking points and turn in points that work for you. And that takes practice.

It’s just not very realistic. I have driven race cars, fast road cars and fast karts, and you have to really stamp on the pedal on most. Same in a lot of road cars. Brake pressure set to default on this game is far too high which makes them ultra sensitive.

When travelling at 150mph in a relatively heavy car, fast put firm progression onto the brakes is what is needed and they cant/wont/shouldn’t lock up the wheels instantly as Momentum etc keeps the wheels rotating. As speed decreases the brakes need to be eased off to reduce the chance of lock. This is something PCars does very well, but Forza just seems…wrong. IMO

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Yes, yes, yes.

I know a lot of people like to set their deadzones at 0-100 because it should give a wider range for more control, but I like either the default or even more deadzone so that 1mm of brake finger movement doesn’t result in me instantly locking 'em up at 150. I’d like to be able to set it 0-100, but my finger and the game won’t play along.

Slime if it never says over 50% braking than you are missing out on a lot of stopping power. Brake harder and later and watch the lap times tumble.

im 60th or so in the world on nurb in bclass.(i almost exclusively drive bclass) and on most tracks within the top 100. none of my builds have big power so i dont shave lap times on the straights, i shave time in the corners. late braking, left foot (or finger) braking, stab braking, i do all of that quite well. far from the fastest but i kind of have a pretty good handle on the game. i use the default dead zone settings so perhaps for me applying 50% brake is 75% or higher for someone else. gt: igottem2slime. if you dont beleive me. :wink:

you didnt say your trigger pull you said telemetry never shows greater than 50% braking. If this is indeed true like i said you are wasting a lot of braking which is causing you to brake earlier than you really have to because you arent applying enough brakes. I have/had quite a few #1 hardcore times in b class myself. You may not know who i am but i do know what im talking about. The difference between the top guys and the top 1000 isnt usually much about line its the ability to brake and get on the power. This is where the majority of people lose time and they dont even realize it. An example ive seen a bunch of times. Someone in the top 500 chasing the #1 time and they say his build must have a lot more power than mine he just takes off from me out of the corner." No the real difference was he got on the power much sooner and more efficiently therefor he was able to achieve better speeds.

You should often see the bar in telemetry come very close to 100% braking on hard braking corners and at minimum atleast 75%. If you dont believe me go chase my ghosts or or some of the other guys at the top of the leaderboard, or watch their replay and bring up telemetry and you will see how much brake they are actually using. I can guarantee its over 50%

I’m getting frustrated :(, tried different deadzones, but all that does is squeeze braking into a smaller window of trigger travel.
The braking is not linear, the trigger has about 1cm of travel, but 80% of preassure is applied within the first 3mm, so in order to brake correctly I have to gently increase triggerpull from 0-3mm and that is way to sensitiv.
Maybe the new elite controller is the way to go, it looks like you can adjust linearity using that one.