Corner cutting why?????

At last forza has recognised that alot of corner cutting goes on and put barriers up however why leave some tracks unchanged and allow so many to cheat including running wide off the track to gain speed advantage ??? Where has all the racers gone

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The queston that should be asked is why they don’t just implement things they have in other games.
Like adding time to your final finish time and adjusting the finish order based on time.
You know, like they do in real life…


Because you need a human to interpret whether it was done on purpose or not. When these things are left to a computer it has fixed parameters I.e on track or not. A computer cannot see if the car was forced off the track or went off the track to avoid a collision and people will be penalised unfairly. The only way to do this fairly n correctly is to have a human review it and make the decision based on an incidents individual merit. This would be impossible and extremely expensive to implement.


No, can be written in, F1 has it pretty good. Warning first. Further someone who avoid a collision or is forced of the track will mostly also release the gas and loose time. Unlike corner-cutters.

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They could even just do what they did in earlier Forzas (before tyre stacks were a thing). Slow people down extremely when they quit the track.

I personally look for the close back n forth racing whether its for 15th or top 3 it doesn’t matter. I for one ignore the corner cutters as I have plenty pf froends for clean racing in private leagues. BTW, that is where the majority of serious racers are nowadays. PPS and FACR are a couple pf groups that I knpw of that have a lot of forza racing going on privately…
Perhaps check in the Racers forum or clubs section on your XB1.


Might have to look into that haven’t had many decent races since forza 4 on the 360 lol good old days

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Well it recognises when you leave the track you get a triangle on your time so they could use similar thing for corners prone for cutting and as for the old forza titles that slowed you down annoying if clipped them but best online racing experience yet

If real life cars can be built that drive themselves then there could be automated adjudication in a controlled environment like Forza.

Track limits are already defined, the game already knows when contact between cars is made, and lap times are recorded and compared against other competitors and personal bests in real time.

All that needs to happen is a couple of if then statements by the game to determine circumstance.

If players vehicle is involved in a collision with the front end of their vehicle at greater than 3Gs of force then they need a penalty.

If a car exits the road at high rate of speed, and re-enters farther up the road at a high rate of speed, then the player is penalized.

If players vehicle is penalized multiple times in a single race, then player is disqualified and returned to lobby.

A computer uses these kinds of statements in its programming all the time and would not be difficult to implement some basic penalty rules like what I mentioned above considering the game already gathers and tracks all the data it needs to make these decisions.

I gave up on the regular multiplayer long time ago. Ghost League suits me best for two reasons. First, car to car coalition is off so no one can be jerk and ram into you. Secondly, players are placed in the same lobby based on their skills. For example, there is grassroots, elite, pinnacle.

Also, Turn 10 has fixed the game to some extend by placing barriers where people generally cheat or cut. For example, the last corner at the SPA, the first left turn at the Le Mans and so on.

Those who go above and beyond to pass everyone else don’t really like to race anyway. Don’t let cheaters ruin your mood. Just pretend they aren’t even there because it takes skills to race professionally even though it’s just a game.

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They need to have the Grid 2 system where if you corner cut, you get slowed down for a certain period of time and ghosted. Then they can finally remove all these ugly ass tire barriers that arent in the real life versions of these tracks.

Cause theres more cheats in the game then fair players same reason they axed the real vote to kick from forza 4 cause they want the cheats spending there money so its simple they let them cheat cause if they cant turn 10 loose the bulk of there revenue.