Copy wrap from Welcome Pack Supra to base Supra?

Still kinda new to Forza, but didn’t realize that the game considers the Welcome Pack Supra to be a completely different car (wraps and tunes and all) than the base Supra. So I wasn’t thinking and did a wrap for the welcome pack but would rather go with the base supra instead… there any way on Windows to copy the wrap over from one to another? They look like the exact same car, body kit and all, so I would hope this is possible.

You have to save every side of the car as a vinylgroup, then apply the groups to the other car.

Ok, how do I do that?

You click on a vinyl, and then you select group all, and that will group 1 side of the car. Then click them again, and use the Save to save them. Do that with all the sides of the car, and the top.

One more step since FH4, having selected them all you then have to Create New Layer Group, THEN you can save them. Don’t know why they added this extra step, in FH4 it would automatically group them if you saved a bunch of layers.

I put group them all. I always group them all.

It’s interesting they changed it, I guess that maybe people were accidentally grouping more than they meant if they had accidentally selected a number of layers.