Coop in Horizon Stories not working

Looks like the coop in Horizon Stories is not working is that meant to be that way or is this just a bug. In FH4 we had some fun time doing Horizon Stories in coop with my friends. But right now when I try to start any Horizon Storie it asks me to live convoy. Can someone advise if that will be changed in the future? Or maybe I’m doing something wrong and there is a possibility to play Horizon Stories in the coop?


I have the same problem too.

I also have this problem. I assumed that it was a conscious change. I hope I’m wrong. I probably won’t bother with any of the stories if I can’t do them in co-op

Indeed, I noticed that too. I hope it wasn’t intentional.

I can’t remember where exactly it was, but I did see something in game that reads as if you should be able to do them in co-op. So hopefully it gets fixed soon.

Same here, is it intentional?