Convoys and save screen

I play with 4 friends all on Xbox. 3 of us have series X, one of us has Xbox one. Since the patch we all have had issues with getting stuck in a save screen and black load screens after a race that end with a reboot of the game. Convoys have become a major problem. we can all be sitting in the same spot but don’t always see each other. I will see 2 of the other 3, but they can’t see me or one friend will see just one of us or any combination of things like this. If we try to enter an event sometimes only 3 of us will get in. If we try Horizon open, we are getting very long load times and travel times and we all don’t always get in the same race. Just wondering if anyone ese is having the same types of issues.

Probably more than you can imagine.

I am on a Series X as well. I do not do convoys, so I cannot speak to that, but I have experienced everything else you mentioned, and more since the patch. I experienced none of these issues prior to the Dec 3 update. I get that infinite save about 1 in 3 times I change paint or tunes. I get the non-responsive console at the end of about 1 in 10 Rivals races. The load times, which were darn near instantaneous (well, very quick anyway), are now quite long.

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