Convoy doesn't start with the horn

in FH3 i can start a convoy with the horn, but here in FH4 i can’t start a convoy with the horn, so how can I start a convoy with drivatars ?

I was wondering the same thing, i wish someone would give us an answer.

Same question

Can please someone give an answer…

I think the Drivatar convoy has been taken out in favour of the online convoy system.

is the convoy still in the game or no because when i got the “wristband” it told me i can have a convoy with drivetars…

Due to playground’s hate for offline, they removed the joy-ride convoy in offline.


I was wondering the same thing, as every time I tried to start one, nothing happened. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING offline can start a convoy. Goodbye, Mini X-raid…sigh The only way is to go online and do it, as I think that there would be too much confusion offline to start a convoy.

You can easy convoy with friends
And the mini xraid is available in the autoshow for 500k…and probably cheaper in the auction house

offline AI drivatar head to head doesnt give any credits/xp anymore… wow…
I loved the FH3 races against drivatars

are you sure it doesnt
since the game throws so many credits at you doing less i’d be surprised if it doesnt