Convoluted campaign structure?

Either I’m just not getting it or there’s something kind of unintuitive about the campaign structure in FH3. I’m at level 80 and I STILL don’t really get what the game wants me to do. Right now, most of the races on my screen are marked “new.” What does this “new” mean? I’ve already done these races in exhibition and quite a few in championships. When I go to certain events and try to make a series, it says I haven’t done certain races that will unlock it. But I don’t see any races that I haven’t at least done the exhibition on. And I’m not in the middle of a championship.

So, on the one hand, the game is constantly trying to get you to do something, directing you to this event and that, and on the other hand, I can look at the map and have no idea what I should do next in terms of races. It feels a little ungainly to me.

What am I not getting?

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As you level up hubs you get more options.

The campaign structure initially looks convoluted but it has clicked for me.

Once all hubs are maxed there will be championships scattered around the map. I can run them in any car I choose (if I blueprint them). Otherwise I will need to do the standard version.

Each location has a championship and exhibition attached to it. If both are ticked move on.

I have never had a championship tell me I need to do something else, only street races have done that to me.

My suggestion is get in your favorite car, go to any new event and run it exhibition or championship and blueprint it to your car’s class or type and enjoy. Do this for every new location and you will complete the campaign (as far as I know).

Thanks man. Spent the whole weekend trying to find the 3 roads I am missing and also getting my Storefront up, while curious about this…really helped me get a direction for this.

I also am finding it very confusing and do not understand the way it is structured … everything seems so random and unintuitive. Even using the lady gaga voice guide she tells me to do some really silly stuff sometimes that only sidetracks things. I don’t like having my hand held in games but it is good when things fall into place and seem logical. Maybe that happens at some random point in the game.

I agree. I wish the game actually had a liiiiittle more structure. Kinda seems like Im just driving around too much. Still very fun though!

yes i fell the same, this thing that you are the “boss” its like there is no campain. Its my first forza and i fell that u need some level of progresion.