Convois doesn't work after 2 weeks since release! Even after the hotfix!

After 2 weeks and a hotfix the convois doesn’t work.
I want to play with my friends after i completed the campaign and built cars for hours.
Without convois the game is totally boring!
I paid 100 bucks for this game to play on launch with my friends but this game makes me dissapointed after this 2 weeks.
Please fix this shortly, because its destroying the game for me and i think others, too.


But you want to play with your convoy in freeroam or race/events?
In freeroam it doesn’t work well - like yesterday it was sometimes 3 people, sometimes 8 in the same session. But once race was started we were all connected.

Game is missing “find new session” button from FH4.

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If I understand the new approach correctly there is only 1 session now, and you just see a selection of other people online. Convoys should put you all in the same session.

I wish they worked too. I thought you could play the entire game co-op but whenever I enter a convoy and try to do a race it says I have to leave the convoy even though I am the leader. I thought this would be more social than it is. I played just now for about 6 minutes and then the game crashed. I have played FH2-FH5 and I never remember the game crashing on me. Never! I have to say, I am not very excited to play right now. I have confidence that this game will be fixed and will be great one day. But I really, really wish I could do more of the events co-op rather than solo.

Works fine since release. I play every day with a friend some coop stuff.

No it don’t work well! All pair of seconds my friends dissappear! Racing is fine I think, but i want to drive free roam with my friends! I have all races done! It’s boring without free roam.

Yeah, sometimes he disappears while freeroam too but he has a mobile net so I am not sure what is the main problem.

This is a problem in Forza unrelated to type of connection. My friend keeps disappearing, neither of us is on a bad connection.

It is in the ‘known bugs’ list and wasn’t marked as fixed (yet).

If I understood the info on the new server setup correctly. Everyone is connected to the same server, but you just see a small amount of players, (up to 11?), depending on which area you are in.


Ithink you’re right their yes.

That my friends dissappear is the main problem!

I agree it’s very buggy, though this method works best for me: get your friends in the convoy and all players must wait until the spinning icon next to their gamertag stops. This will even happen between races…again wait until the spinning stops for all…before starting an event has helped.

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I literally can’t believe convoys are still broken after 2 weeks and they aren’t saying anything about it either. My group has finished the small amount of races the game offers so now its on to the next game since they don’t care to fix this one.

Yeah but this concept is whack af. why have 70 player lobbys and everytime i come in another area it resyncs the players i see.
They just need to do 30 man lobbys where i can see all people, like in GTA Online. And then they could do private lobbys with 12 players.
Nobody wants to play with this random crash kids that always uses their horn to annoy other people. Also they make alle private photo sessions with friends a mess.

They don’t have 70 people lobbies. The idea is that everyone is connected to the same ‘lobby’ and you see up to 12 players in your vicinity.
Theoretically not a bad idea, but only if they can make it work flawlessly. However, I wonder if they ever will.

Also I do want to play with random other people. It makes the world feel more alive (if it works)

Yeah but it never worked, already since FH4 but they dont learn from it.

Why tf is nobody complaining about that guys! It kills the game! And PG don’t say anything to us when we get an update!

I am not sure what you mean. This type of server/session setup was not in FH4, it is something new.

Everybody is complaining about it and they know it is bugged. 5 days ago PG sent an in game message stating that they are continuing to work on the bugs. I wonder if they know when the server problems will be fixed. They seem rather fundamental…