Convince me to play

I was one of the ultimate edition buyers played for awhile swearing the game would get better and stopped.

All I have done since is log in occasionally to get my hub reward cash and try to convince myself to play.

I’m staring at my Ferrari 458 Italia with a wide body kit on it in Forzavista and trying to think of one reason to play this game.

I’ve loved and played all FM games but this one not so much.

I was hoping months from launch i would want to play and the wrinkles would be ironed but from what I read there are plenty of wrinkles.

So should I play it or uninstall it?


Well, if you can’t think of a reason by yourself then it sounds like you have already made your decision.

For anything further you need to divulge more information about your playing habits and what game modes or activities you spend the most time in.


I spent most of my time in previous FM games tuning to race or for rivals. Did some painting but I’m not to good at that so I mostly painted for my own use.

I think the killer for me is the new homolugation (spelling?) system. It’s all but killed my desire to tune. I guess that’s the issue.

Well Mods can lock this, as I have made my decision, time to free up some hardrive space…


Only career and some rival events forces you to use homologated cars. In free play and open class multiplayer hoppers you can tune and race cars how it was as in previous games.

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Reading between the lines he is lamenting the lack of class-based Leaderboards. For Tuners and Hotlappers those were the best place to showcase ones skills as almost any car could make it to a high leaderboard position with the right driver and tune behind it. Homologation has its benefits but in these areas it segments things too much to make “leaderboard hunting” worthwhile.


You’re right. I never used the traditional leaderboard cars but always picked cars I liked. Some tanked in times but others well I had cars that were in the top percentages and a few top 1,000 cars.

Like I said these weren’t the go to leaderboard cars but they were cars that challenged me to tune the best I could and drive the best I could even more so.

Now there’s no reason to take an oddball car and tune if you can’t showcase it off.

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People say yes, people say no.
Why did you buy this game, I don’t know.


If you’ve enjoyed the previous ones and bought the Ultimate edition, you should give it another go.
I’ve really enjoyed it, I’m sure you would too, if you let yourself.

And there we have it , Turn10 top brass.

Driving since 2007, and he just walked. Another one to add to the list!


Me and some of my friends know exactly how you feel.
I often sit in forza vista wondering what to do next then dashboard and do something else.
I can’t put my finger on it but there’s something off with this version.
Even my die hard forza painter friend who plays nothing else but forza is struggling to find the will to play.
And one was even paying fm5 last night. The others have abandoned it altogether for other games.
I will give this game one thing though, it’s done a good job of fragmenting my friends list!!


I Keep playing hoping it will get better as well but i don’t think it will. some parts are ok but for the most part it is over hyped rubbish, they must have performed “special” favors for the reviewers at E3 and made sure they only got to see what they wanted them to see and im surprised they didn’t break their arms patting themselves on the back. this will definitely be the last Forza product i will ever buy, lost all confidence and trust


If you can’t find a reason to play the game, then why try to force yourself to play the game?

Lots of reasons to play and enjoy this game for most here but I don’t really see why we should convince you to play. If you want to play then do if not then don’t but I doubt anyone here really cares either way.