Controller vibration

Hey guys,i’ve been having an issue since yesterday where my controller feels that there is almost none vibration to left side of the controller.The right side feels fine during braking or acceleration but the left side vibrates less and will only do so during extreme braking lock-up or wheelspin when accelerating.Bear in mind,the controller is plugged with a usb cable.And the problem started happening around noon yesterday and i already had a playing session during midday.Also,no controller updates were available.Does anyone have a clue what this thing is?

how long have you used yours? I have to buy a new controller once a year… I manage to wear them out… lol… could just be something like that.

I am already on my second after i had the one that came with the console replaced due to a problematic lb button.Now,yes i use it every day but should it deteriorate that fast so soon?It’s only been 4 months i have it and i haven’t dropped it once,hit or otherwise mess about with it.