Controller Trigger/Throttle Control

Is there a way to adjust the sensitivity of your throttle in FM5? It feels like to me, watching the telemetry, that all of my cars throttle is achieved only using 1/2 of my trigger. I’d much rather be able to use the entire trigger to control my car.

Any ideas?

I’m thinking you’ve already done this, but check to make sure your accelerator dead zones are set to max in your controller advanced setup Inside dead zone at 0 and outside at 100. I’m a wheel driver and I had to make this adjustment for my wheel.

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One thing I’ve noticed is that the throttle/brake lines shown on the HUD (at least in bumper cam) are not representative of the actual throttle/brake percentage being applied.

I can have my pedal pushed down about 75% and the indicator line will show as full. However, if pull up telemetry and look at the number percentages it will show 75%.

Oh really? That is what I have been watching. I’ll have to watch the actual telemetry and feel/see how my trigger is then. I did set my dead zones to 0/100 but i didnt feel much of a difference.