Controller settings

So does anybody have the perfect settings for controller they could share?

The default settings.

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nah they are too slow when turning

I run 0-100 on steering, brake and throttle default handbrake and clutch and 90 for vibration - it gives you far more control over the default settings

Not 100% what steering linearity does s have left it

It’s the same for me as SoulFire except that my inside steering is at 5.

Steering, accelerator and brake 0-100
Vibration I use 100 for maximum experience
The linearity I have left at 50 but might play about with it to see if I can improve turn in

Set all the deadzones to 0/100
Set Steering Linearity to 60 (increases the sensitivity around the centre, it makes it feel more like FH1)

This is on an elite controller btw, and I’m very happy with these settings.

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I’m a noob with Forza, playing using an original XBox wireless controller. Based on other recommendations, I dialed all of the inside deadzones down to zero. I set the outside accel deadzone to 100. I left steering linearity at 50 for the time being. Then, I increased vibration scale to 75. Moving the inside deadzones down to zero was a profound improvement in my driving and enabled me to forego assist braking. Currently, running with ABS braking, normal steer, traction control on, and stability control off, which is a good, yet challenging fit for me.