Controller Lag (solved)

Before i start i just want to say this is in no way a slander post…

Ive loved the Forza franchise from day dot, owned them all and normally get the VIP version, i love driving games in general and the Forza franchise covers most of what i like about driving games, that said, recently ive noticed a worrying problem regarding controller lag, this IS my only issue with Forza in general, but for me at least is nearly a game breaking problem, now i dont know whether its purposely designed this way so you have to tune your car to give you quicker response, but as default im finding the cars as very laggy with steering input, in Forza its forgivable as you are all going in the same direction and you dont have to make split second small turning adjustments to miss cars coming the other way, but with Horizon 2 im really struggling to make very small adjustment instantly to miss oncoming cars or just to pass cars really close, im finding it a big problem and is making me have a dislike for Forza in general, i really dont want to dislike Forza as i love it :frowning:

Can someone confirm its not just me and there is in fact controller lag and its here to stay or can be fixed with tuning


To add; my settings are all off with steering on normal, ive tried it on simulation but not noticed any difference, infact its harder in sim as the steering input is too slow to react

With me using Thrustmaster TX as my controller device, I have zero input lag. I never have played FH2 with regular X1 controller (never will).

I have a G27 and would love for Microsoft to support them, would transform my driving games if they did

Never noticed any lag personally.
But here a couple of things to try.

Make sure your controllers are upto date, they updated them shortly after the X1 launch to be more accurate.

Plug in the USB cable, this turns the controller into wired mode disabling any WiFi lag completely. Most FPS pros play like this.

In the game there are advanced settings were you can adjust the sticks deadzones, I think the default is around 5%, you can set them to 0 but if your controllers sticks are slightly dodgy then the steering may drift without you touching the sticks.

I updated the controller a few months ago, sometimes i do have the controller plugged in, but tbh ive never noticed any difference, i set my dead zone to 0, i was surprised i had no drifting, goes to show how good these X1 controllers are

I will try and record a clip to show how bad it is, but even just viewed outside the car looking at the wheel you can see a good bit of steering lag, and no its not just visual lag.

I don’t see how a clip could show controller lag.
Are you talking about a lag between the ingame steering wheel animation and actual car steering? If that is the case then this shouldn’t really affect your ability to dodge traffic.

If i cam cord my tv with my controller in front of the cam, you could see the lack of sinc this way

The lag from me moving my stick to the car actually moving, its not instant, half a sec at least, and thats enough to make it hard to drive, even visually with the car still, moving the stick to the wheel turning

A way to see if there is any lag is to bring up the telemetry. It shows the controller input as scaler bars. This would give you a better view of any potential lag.

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A half sec delay sounds like it would be completely unplayable. I have never noticed anything like this in this game.

It is, thats why i gave up on Forza :frowning:

But, to my horror ive found out what the problem is…

4 Years ago i purchased a £1000 40’ LED Samsung TV, i was just going through the 1000’s of settings and found a gaming mode, so switched it on and the lag has reduced, its still there but half as bad, i cannot believe its being my TV all along !!!, its really annoying now cause i know its my TV and its still there, might have to visit there forums and see if there’s any fix

The weird thing is i play GTAV and Watch dogs and dont recall any controller lag, seems weird it only affects Forza