Controller input problems

I’m playing FH4 on pc, and I’m using a dualshock 4 through bluetooth. Overall it works fine, but for some reason, when I press R2/RT to accelerate (Pushing the button all the way down) it doesn’t go as fast as if I was pressing W on my keyboard. I even tested this by going on a straight route and accelerating, and at the moment I pressed W it would go considerably faster. Is it something related with deadzone? How do I fix this? Thanks in advance!

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What utility are you using? I’ve used InputMapper and DS4Windows without issue.

Check your controller in Windows settings, see if the axes have full positive range.

I just logged in on my PC and my 360 and one controller are both having issues with the shoulder buttons and dpad registering one press as 3-6 at a time.

As NumberLess Math said, check the range of your controller using DS4windows.
I use a PS4 controller with a dongle on my xbox and started to have problems keeping up in races - thought they changed the difficulty to make the drivatars better.

Turns out there’s a silicon pad under the right trigger that wears out and either needs to be fixed or replaced.
Mine was down to 80% of usable throttle.
Google “ps4 controller right trigger fix” for solutions - its a 5 minute fix if you DIY and have some silicone caulk. Or buy a new pad from amazon.

I guess 3 years of flooring it with FH*/FM* games wore it down… :wink:

I’m having the same issue with a corded xbox controller on my PC all of sudden button work properly makes me think my controller is stuffed and it’s only 2 months old I had to remap the throttle to a different button to get it to work properly.

You should really be using an Xbox pad for Forza. The rumble support on triggers is amazing. You can feel when your losing traction, about to lock brakes, etc. It’s insanely better.

The hand posture of the DS4 uses the digit muscles (finger curl, finger extend) instead of the less coordinated side-to-side muscles at the base of the thumb. After playing with a DS4 in Forza and other PC games, I can’t drive accurately with Xbox controllers, particularly XB1 controllers.