Controller Disconnects When Leaving Split-Screen Race...

Hello Forza Fans:

I have an issue and XBox customer support told me it was a known issue with Forza 5. I came here for a confirmation or maybe some advice on how to fix the issue.

When I race with my kid in split-screen, everything works great. But as soon as we leave the race, there’s about a 25% chance one of the controllers we’re using will disconnect.

  • This only happens in Forza 5.
  • This never happens in an actual race, only when we leave the race after it’s finished (going back to where we select cars.
  • This has never happened to me when playing single player.
  • The problem is not controller-specific, and it seems random which one of us will be bitten by the “disconnect bug.”

Checking the XBox Support tabs, I’ve checked their troubleshooting guide:

  • The controller, batteries, and XBox One are only 5 days old.
  • We are in the same room as the XBox One, about 4’ away from the XBox.
  • I do not have “Kinect Sign-In” turned on (I read this would cause me to be logged out if I help him with his controller).

Is anyone else having a similar issue or have any advice on how to fix this? If this is, indeed, a Forza 5 specific problem, has anyone heard of an ETA for a patch?


I’m having the exact same problem when racing against my wife and it’s really annoying!! It keeps switching controls between our accounts and disconnecting them!! I bet it’s something to do with the connect and user recognition cos my Kinect hates me and never recognises me but I think it has a thing for my wife!!! :confused: