(Controller disconnected)

Every time I touch either my steering wheel, pedals or shifter I get the pop-up message “controller disconnected”.

I’m using all Logitech equipment, and my steering wheel is a Logitech G923, anyone got a fix?

Funny thing is that the game recognizes my Logitech equipment, just doesn’t let me use it…

Found this in another thread!

"Ok guys, hear me out. I “SOLVED” this. I’m playing a Steam Version. So I’m gonna try to explain as well as I can because it was pretty weird and hard to find a solution.

First, you will need to enable the Xbox game bar in the windows settings. It’s pretty easy, press the win key, search for settings, and once there on the settings window search game bar and enable it.

Then, in game, with your wheel already connected to your PC (via USB 3.0) you’ll press WIN+G to bring up the game bar.

When the game bar is active the screen will obscure a bit, and bring up some options. Here’s the magic, when the game bar overlay is active, press any button on your wheel. And try to drive, it’ll work!!!

Now, for this to keep working, any element from the game bar needs to be pinned. I pinned the hardware monitor, made it horizontal, turned the opacity all the way up and pinned it in the low corner. To deactivate the overlay, do not press win+g again, just press over the game.

Now I’m driving with my g923 wheel happily and it works. Just no Force Feedback atm :/"

I will try that when i will back from work.

Please tell me the devs are working on an actual fix for this. I bought a G923 and a stand(600 bucks in total) specifically for this game. Right now I am playing with a regular Xbox One controller because I am not going to jump through hoops to try and make my wheel work. And yes my firmware and my GHub software are both up to date, as well as all my pc drivers.