Continuing counting sound post-race XBOX ONE

AFter finishing a race, the sound of counting points and XP kept on going in the background. It stopped when I enter races, but will come back in every menu (main menus aswel)
I had to exit the game and completely restart FM7 to get rid of it.

Onedrive video below (ignore first 8secs black screen with the sound)!AlglZWsgE1-vgiI4NfMaWLQ6JWSS

I am having this issue also but for me the sound doesn’t stop no matter what screen I’m in and continues during entire races.
Workarounds I have found so far are as follows.

  1. Restart the game. This is not a fun option.
  2. After every race back out to the main menu.
  3. Turn the UI volume all the way down.