Continental Tire Sports car Challenge

Hello my name is Dan i a currently looking for people to participate in CTSCC i have built the cars number boxes etc. I just need drivers if you are interested MSG me or friend me My Tag is danbr3 93. I am looking for clean drivers ONLY if you are not willing to take this serious please do not reply. Just a little back ground on how this will work basically if it happens in a real race it will happen here: Formation laps(pace laps) Penalty’s, Mandatory, Pit stops,Pace Cars, Caution laps the list goes on so please if this interest you even just a little bit please reply we would love to have you in the races. Thank you
What is CTSCC Link here to find out: CTSCC

The site is ready for sign ups Build will be posted soon


Hi dan. I’m definitely interested in joining your CTSCC league. I’d like to learn more about the details of the league. When will you be running the races? What time? what days? What car class will you be using?

I’m not the fastest on the track, but I race clean and i don’t quit.


Do you have a forum for this yet?

Sounds good I got a couple of frends who would like it all clean racing lil more info of class and days I’ll let u no

link to the website has been posted

I still don’t see a schedule for the races or any info. Not sure if the links just aren’t working for me or what. May be able to get some people interested.

Just signed up, hit me up in a party sometime, I’d love to know more details about the CTSCC

Signed up. Looking for more like minded drivers…

I am totaly down for this… I raced in the Grand-AM Rolex and ALMS in F3 and F4… this sounds like alot of fun… would be great to finally race vs clean drivers instead of smash up derby.

I have signed up… I see the Number 11 is taken… will take 17… or the number to the race car (Realistic) when available.

Do you have specific builds? Are the cars mentioned in the series tab the only cars allowed?

Hello everyone… say can we start doing some official laps and testing… sorta anxious to get racing… Usually free late during the week… but mostly weekends.

Is this still ongoing or has this ended?

I am also interested. sent dan a pm

CTSCC series race is on this Saturday May 3rd. This is a full sim, clean series race.

No line, no assists, sim steering. Most racers use cockpit view but few run bonnet/hood or bumper cam.

Qualifying will start at 9pm EST. Race will start afterward, for about 1 hour. There is a mandatory pitstop window.
Running with 2 classes, ST and GS.

For anyone interested check out builds and series info at!ctscc/c1hgg