Contests, Rewards, and Gifts in FH4 | Earth Day livery

Contests, Sweepstakes, Gifts and in-game Reward Opportunities for Forza Horizon 4

This thread will be updated to compile a list of opportunities to collect rewards and rewards from FH4-related contests, sweepstakes, and in-game events.

Typical prizes for previous game sweepstakes have included: copies of the game, DLC (car packs and promotional skin assets), Xbox One consoles (including custom designs), apparel, and even trips to Forza or automotive events. In-game rewards and gifts have typically been cars, credits, and avatar customized outfits.

Most of the information here will pulled from official threads in the Community Events forum or News section of or but third party announcements are included as I find them. This thread is for reference; it’s up to the user to meet all requirements at the official links.


2018 In-game Loyalty Reward clothing, emote, car horn, and quickchat based on Forza Rewards Tier
Apparel: “Welcome” tshirt from E3 2018 and July livestream
In-game “Welcome” top - July 2018 livestream
Stickers: August 2018 livestream
In-game “I heart Horizon” top from playing the FH4 Demo
Car: Mosler MT900S - (no livery) - Dec 2018
2019 Car: Honda S2000 CR with “Happy Holidays” livery - Dec 2019
In-game limited edition Festival Jacket - Game Awards livestream Dec 2019
Car: Ford Transit SuperSportVan with “Season’s Greetings” livery - Dec 2019
Car: Chevy Corvette with Valentine’s Day livery - Feb 2020
2020 Car: BAC Mono with Valentine’s Day livery - Feb 2020
Car: Pagani Huayra with Rainbow livery - June 2020
Car: McLaren Senna with Bruno Senna livery - Aug 2020
Car: Lamborghini Centenario (no livery) - Sep 2020
Car: Chevy Corvette with Hispanic Heritage Month livery - Oct 2020
Car: Koenigsegg CCX (no livery) - Dec 2020
Car: Koenigsegg Regera with “Ugly Holiday Sweater” livery - Dec 2020
2021 Car: Spania GTA Spano with Valentines Day livery - Feb 2021
Car: BMW i8 with Earth Day livery - Apr 2022

The next few posts give an overview of the types of rewards and collectibles available in the game.


Overview of What you can win, and How

What can we collect (or win) in game?

Other than stats and Xbox Live Achievements, we know that gameplay involves accruing, owning, or unlocking:

  • Credits (CR)
  • Cars
  • Car Horns
  • Clothing for your driver character
  • Emotes (character movements)
  • Houses
  • Influence (XP) and progress toward Horizon Superstar status
  • Wheelspins and Super Wheelspins
  • Forzathon Points
  • Skill Points and Perks
    Some menus and features may be locked until the player progresses through the game. If so, this list will be updated with the sequence and requirements.

Credits (CR)
Credits are earned from Racing, Auctioning cars, your Storefront, Wheelspins, Forzathon, Jobs, Forza Rewards, Official Contests, and any other methods TBA. Bonus factors: You’ll get more CR from racing harder Difficulty drivers and turning off Assists, and VIP DLC provides 2x race rewards, Forzathon Live offers increased rewards for Forzathon Live challenges completed with other players, and players with higher status due to shared content usage can set higher Auction House prices.

Influence (XP)
In FH4 you earn Influence toward becoming the Horizon Superstar instead of “XP.” FH4 does not have an “XP championship between online events” as in FH3.^ Each race pays out CR and Influence based on finish position, Skills, and Clean Racing. Game progress can now be earned through methods other than racing, such as photography, tuning, painting, streaming, and watching or streaming FH4 on Mixer.^ (Mixer influence is no longer available to to Mixer being closed down.) Bonus factors: Perks provide bonus Influence from Skills and in racing events.

Forzathon Points:
“Completing #Forzathon challenges in FH4 will earn you Forzathon Points to spend on rotating rewards in the new Forzathon Shop: Cars, vanity items, emotes, horns, etc.”^ Bonus factors: Completing multiple Daily Forzathon Challenges and the Weekly stages within the same week will provide bonus points, but there is a limit on the maximum that can be earned in a week.

Wheelspins are awarded when you level up, and can be purchased as an instant perk in a Car Mastery tree and Forzathon Shop. Bonus factors: VIP DLC ownership provides “weekly bonus Super Wheelspins.” A wheelspin is a random chance to win CR (various amounts), Cars, Car Horns, Clothing, and Emotes. A Wheelspin wins one prize while a Super Wheelspin wins three.

Skill Points and Perks
Skills are activated during driving and earn Skill Points to use for unlocking Perks. Perks are bonus factors or benefits, either instant or permanent, such as extra Influence or Skill score, Wheelspins etc. Each car has a Car Mastery tree of Perks, and owned houses come with perks.^ Skill Songs return to FH4.

Included cars are typically available to buy direct from the game, or from other players via the Auction House, with credits. Cars can also be collected through Wheelspins and the Forzathon Shop, and possibly as gifts/rewards from contests. Status types:

  • DLC: VIP DLC provides 3 Exclusive Forza Edition cars. Some retailers are offering DLC pre-order bonus cars which are tuned versions of the same base model available to everyone. In previous games there were some promotional opportunities limited by time and residency which offered custom livery DLC versions of the same model available to everyone. Whether the Day One Car Pack and Formula Drift DLC cars will be available to buy from the Store after the pre-order period is unknown, but other DLC car packs are typically available to buy separately without the need for Deluxe or Ultimate Edition ownership; the Car Pass does not cover all purchasable DLC cars. Xbox Live Gold is not required by PC players and not required to receive gifts, but internet is required.^
  • Exclusive Access models: Barn Finds are not available from the Autoshow, and some are only available by season or from buying the Castles. Forza Edition and some exclusive cars are available from Wheelspins, and from seasonal Forzathon Shop and Festival Playlist events. Other exclusives have been added to Horizon Life progress levels and
    Car Horns and Quickchat phrases:
    Horns and phrases can be activated while driving. Horns and quickchat phrases can be won in in Wheelspins, purchased from the Forzathon Shop, and earned from Horizon Life progress levels, Festival Playlist events, and Online Adventure Ranked rewards. Exclusivity: VIP DLC provides an exclusive Car Horn and the Clock Tower Horn is a Loyalty Reward for Tiers 7 and above. Some seasonal Quickchat phrases only show up once a year in the Festival Playlist or Forzathon Shop.

“Forza Horizon 4 will ship with around 500 apparel choices designed to work across both genders.”^ Exclusivity: VIP DLC provides “VIP Vanity items…” Some retailers are offering a DLC T-shirt as a pre-order bonus. Loyalty Rewards offers shirts themed by FM7/FH3/FM6/FH2/FM5/FH which are one time gifts only depending on your Forza Rewards Tier, and may not be available by any other method.

“They’ll also be able to express 50 emotes that will be seen at key moments, like after races.”^ Exclusivity: VIP DLC provides an exclusive VIP emote. Emotes are one of the items listed in the description of the Forzathon Shop.

You start with one free property and then buy others with with credits. Houses serve the same function as Festival sites: accessing your cars and Auction House, painting, tuning, Fast Travel points etc. You can own multiple houses at the same time, ranging from small cottage to Edinburgh Castle, each with its own outdoor Forzavista feature. Property ownership comes Perks, but whether these are only available from specific property ownership is unknown. Exclusivity: “There are no “exclusive” properties in Horizon 4. If you have enough credits to own it, you can.”^

What are the ways we can win prizes, rewards, bonuses, and exclusives?

Attendees at E3 2018 were able to earn a real FH4 t-shirt from playing the floor demo. FM7 held a time trial competition at the Goodwood Festival of Speed where the fastest drivers won a game copy and an Xbox One S console, and first-come fans at a Seattle Sounders game collected a branded key cover.

Previous Forza games have had promotional tie-ins with companies like Tostitos, Pizza Hut, and Doritos where the purchase of a retail package provided entry for sweepstakes. Prizes have included game copies, DLC, and hardware prizes such as custom-skin consoles. Car company partnerships have had time trial and livery design contests through in-game events to win cash, a real car, or travel to experiences. Other sweepstakes have simply required a retweet or photo share, such as Major Nelson’s #freecodefriday contest and other @Xbox offers. Contests and sweepstakes that offer prizes outside the game are often restricted by country residency, which isn’t something the developers control. Some prizes may be limited in quantity and awarded randomly, some are automatic for participation, and some have required winning an auction against other entrants with accumulated points from retail purchases.

Over the years, official livestreams have occasionally given away Forza apparel, posters, and DLC to viewers on the @Forzamotorsport Mixer channel. There are regular weekly streams and special event streams; see the News/Calendar thread for details.

Forza is a partner with the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles and has held game launch parties there. The Museum’s membership benefits include “Forza Motorsport Benefits: New Members receive 500,000 in-game credits delivered through Microsoft’s in-game messaging system. All members receive invitations to exclusive Forza related events with Microsoft developers, artists and more!”^ (These credits may only be for the Forza Motorsport series, but Forza-related events could include Horizon; be sure to inquire.)

Digital pre-orders of any FH4 Edition will include the Formula Drift Car Pack for FM7 for free. Digital pre-orders of the FH4 Ultimate Edition include the Day One Car Pack, which may or may not be available as an add-on from the Store after launch. Ultimate Edition owners also get Early Access to the game starting September 28; this benefit is not available from subscribing to Xbox Game Pass. There does not appear to be any purchasing discount for previous game VIPs/UE owners. FH4 game retailers such as GameSpot and Amazon are offering pre-order bonus DLC cars which are tuned versions of the same car available to all players. Additionally, some future sweepstakes prizes may be branded DLC items such as liveried cars and character gear with a company logo.

These DLC items are available to purchase from the Store (discounted for Xbox Game Pass subscribers). A benefit of car DLC ownership includes collecting the car immediately without using CR. Owning the VIP Membership DLC provides “3 Exclusive Forza Edition cars, VIP Crown Flair, VIP Vanity Items, a VIP Emote and Car Horn, a free player house, 2x Credit race rewards, weekly bonus Super Wheelspins, and more. VIP Membership can be purchased separately, or is included with Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate Edition.” Note there is no specific mention of ongoing VIP gifts as some Forza games had years ago. In previous games, VIP ownership has also provided access to exclusive in-game Rivals events. In addition to regular DLC cars, there are two planned DLC Expansions that “will introduce a new world location, vehicles, and gameplay.”^ Expansions also typically come with extra XBL Achievement gamerscore.
There have been no announcements about any Tokens, Treasure Map, or other purchasable DLC add-ons.

Users can accumulate Microsoft Reward points from using the Bing browser. Points can be used to buy Xbox related peripherals and subscriptions like Xbox Game Pass, and to buy entry into sweepstakes. Past sweepstakes prizes have included game copies, consoles, branded seats and wheels, and travel experiences.

Forza Rewards points are earned from your previous Forza game titles gameplay. Points determine your Tier which determine your reward level. Forza Rewards offer a maximum of credits 500,000 credits for each weekly redemption period, while Loyalty Rewards (above) are one-time gifts determined by your Tier at the time you first play FH4.

As listed above, you earn Skill Points from driving for unlocking Car Mastery perks, Forzathon Points from specific challenges to use to buy items in the Forzathon Shop weekly selection, credits and Influence from racing, Wheelspins from leveling up, Perks from owning properties, CR and from the Auction House and Storefront, Barn Finds, and Cars/Horns/Clothing/Emotes from Wheelspins.

Players can sell cars for more CR than their base price if the community bids high, especially by including custom tuning and designs on the car. Creators with higher status from community usage of their shared files enjoy higher AH listing limits. Unlocked Car Mastery perks stick with the car being sold in the AH. The AH can also be an opportunity to save some credits and get a great deal on valuable cars. The Storefront is your hub of shared content (tuning, liveries, and Routes), which typically earns CR for community usage in previous Horizon games.

FM7 players have received gifts of holiday-themed character gear as well as custom livery gift cars, which may or may not be the case for FH4. While some rewards from game events may be automatic, Rivals-related rewards may be distributed at the end of the event through the in game Message Center. Xbox XBL Gold is not required to collect gifts in FH4.

Weekly contests are held on the forums in the Community Events section. These have you use Photo Mode or the Livery Editor to share content in game, then post to the official thread. Selected winners have their content featured in the game (which can help boost CR income from community downloads, and enhanced status in the Auction House) and in the Forza Gallery section of the Forza Hub, and sometimes in official articles like the Week in Review. In-game rewards are typically credits, but FM7 also offered the choice of an exclusive prize car.

Playseat offers Forza-branded gaming chairs. Fanatec offers a Forza Motorsport branded wheel controller. SCUF produced a limited-quantity Porsche-themed Elite controller. Players can also order their own custom controller from Xbox Design Labs. Xbox sold a limited-quantity FM6-themed console and controller, but plans for FH4-themed devices are unknown. Officially Forza branded t-shirts, hoodies, and hats are available to purchase from and

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E3 Demo Contest

  • Dates: June 12-14, 2018
  • Overview: During the open attendance days at E3, everyone could visit the Forza Horizon 4 booth and try out the demo. If they beat the four challenges (speed, 1st place, air time, lap time) they won a “Welcome to the Horizon Festival” tshirt.

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“Microsoft Rewards is a loyalty program from Microsoft that lets you earn rewards for doing the things you already do like searching the web and buying games and apps.”

In addition to being able to use your points to buy Xbox services like XBL Gold membership and Xbox Game Pass subscriptions, points can also be used for sweepstakes entries. From time to time there are Forza-related sweepstakes offering the game, consoles, accessories, and even travel to experiences. From the site, click Redeem and then Filter by Win.



App: PC | Console
Forums: Forza Rewards FAQ
Announcements: 2014 | 2015

Forza Rewards for FH4 is still TBA, but you may want to start working on this ahead of launch.

Forza Rewards is a free loyalty program that tracks certain gameplay from the Forza franchise going back to Forza Motorsport 2. Gameplay earns points which translate into Tiers which provide higher in-game rewards. When a game is in release, these rewards have been CR gifts. Prior to launch, Forza Rewards Tiers have been used for Loyalty Rewards at the start of the game, which have included CR, cars, and vanity items. Loyalty Rewards are typically automatic while ongoing Forza Rewards require players to press Redeem and collect the rewards from the in-game Message Center.

To prepare for FH4 and have the best opportunity to collect the full spectrum of possible Loyalty Rewards, players should earn as many points as they can before starting the game. In the case of FM7, Driver Gear suits from Loyalty Rewards were only given once per gamertag when the player first started the game, and could not be collected even after the player increased their Tier later.

From the Rewards menu at the top of the site you can click the + symbol on each game to see details about points requirements and your progress. Note that in the Forza Hub the redeemed rewards count is for the life of the program, not the redemption window. Expect announcements about any Loyalty Rewards and the upcoming game’s points contribution sometime between gamescom and game release.


Livestream DLC Clothing giveaway

During the July 24 “Seasons Change Everything | Winter” livestream, viewers in the Mixer channel chat stream were offered DLC codes to redeem for this sweater in-game when the game launches:

Future livestream rewards haven’t been announced yet but it would be a good idea to get ready for the next Tuesday stream at 11am Pacific on July 31 for possible giveaways. Make sure you’re signed in at Forza Motorsport is on Facebook Gaming (and also following @WeArePlayground on Twitter). Copy and paste the codes quickly because they’re first-come.
DLC codes can be redeemed at

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Is it an exclusive dlc or we can buy it later or unlock it in the game?

Seriously, the game is available that there are already rewards …

Worse and worse to try to have a complete game: /

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July 26 livestream shirt giveaway

Johniwanna gave away a couple of these t-shirts in the chat during the #ThingoThursday livestream today.

VOD: Forza Motorsport is on Facebook Gaming

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July 31 livestream giveaway

DLC codes are being dropped into chat for this clothing item:

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August 9 livestream giveaway

Johniwanna gave away these FH4 sticker packs during the #ThingoThursday livestream. Be sure to tune in to future livestreams (Tuesday through Friday) for other potential giveaway opportunities.

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#XboxFanFest at gamescom 2018


“Xbox FanFest will be returning to gamescom once again, this year on the Rhein River! FanFest will happen for one incredible night on Thursday, 23 August, with doors opening at 7:00 pm and full activities starting at 8:00 pm. 1,000 lucky attendees will experience an amazing “Xbox FanFest on the Rhein” before casting off for a scenic cruise along the river.”


  • #XboxFanFest - ticketing site is now closed. Thank you for the overwhelming interest; you surprised even me! As we go through all who registered, we’ll keep fans updated if any new ticket allocations open up. Could be some surprise ways coming soon!”^
  • “The cost of a FanFest ticket is only 15€ and you must be 18 years old and older to attend. Better yet, ALL ticket proceeds will be donated to a worthy charity. We will reveal the charity as we get closer to the August 23rd date.”
  • One ticket per person, travel costs not included.


  • Meet and Greet - Mingle with some of your favourite people from Xbox such as Major Nelson and AceyBongos, developers from Forza Horizon 4, Devil May Cry 5, RAGE 2, Sea of Thieves, and more.
  • Play Games - Get hands-on with new games such as RAGE 2, Forza Horizon 4 and current games in our competitive multiplayer area.
  • Prizing and Special Gifts - It begins with all attendees getting their very own, official Xbox FanFest scarf. Who knows what else might be unveiled for fans this year!
  • Cosplayers: Tomb Raider, Devil May Cry 5, Halo and others from some of our favourite franchises. Better yet, come in your own unique gaming-related cosplay costume and you may win a prize!
  • Exclusive Autograph Sessions
  • Unique Interactives
  • Food, Beverage, and DJ
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#InsideXbox livestream giveaway

Watch the Inside Xbox livestream at 7:30am Pacific on Xbox is on Facebook Gaming to grab a DLC code for this in-game clothing item. Must be logged in to your Microsoft account.

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Demo Reward

The Forza Horizon 4 Demo is now available for download. Play it to earn an exclusive apparel item for the full game:

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Why not just a red heart, as opposed to this rainbow colored one…

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Oh no Forza why.

I already bought the full game, don’t want to spoil me with the demo.
Why are you giving exclusive content for that, this is stupid…

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You can play the Demo afterwards and still get the shirt. Worked for Horizon 2 as well

The truth has been spoken!

Thank you!

Totally the reason I’m leaving the forums for a LEAST till the 28th. Maybe…


Forza Horzon 4 Demo Sweepstakes

  1. HOW TO ENTER: To enter the Sweepstakes, you must have access to an Xbox One console and be an Xbox Live Gold or free member in good standing at time of entry/winning. Once you have verified that you meet these system requirements, you must log in, navigate to the “Forza Horizon 4” landing page on the Xbox Live Dashboard, and click the designated area to register and play the available free “Forza Horizon 4” demo during the Sweepstakes Period as instructed.
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