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  • Johniwanna is now running official community contests! You can find him in the official Forza Discord as ‘johniwanna#1183’! You may still let me know if you have any issues or questions via the below contact details, however please start filtering to Johniwanna. I have absoloutly LOVED running these contests for you, and love you all! Hang out with me on the official Forza Mixer & Twitch on Sunday’s at 12PM Pacific for #SundaySuffering and play FM7 and FH4 with me :)!, Twitch

Johniwanna Contacts & Social Media:
Official Forza Discord ( ‘johniwanna#1183’
Xbox Live: Johniwanna
Instagram: @heavymetalaffliction
Twitter: @johniwanna
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Co Pilot Contacts & Social Media:
Official Forza Discord ( Co Pilot#4383
Twitter: @DaCoPilot
Xbox Live: Co Pilot
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More news:

- The Rising Sun logo is NOT eligible for use in any official contest but can still be used in game

  • Due to internal changes, we have to cancel the "forzasupport’ contest until further notice, sincere apologies!
  • Clothing items are now a possible prize in Forza Horizon 4 contests, you may pick between a car OR a clothing item in addition to the normal credits and Super Wheelspin prizes!
  • PMs are answered when I have time, you may get faster answers by tagging me or sending me a PM (Co Pilot) on our official Forza Discord (Put this link in your browser).

Please continue to post feedback in the provided thread

If you have contest ideas, put them here!

Thank you all!


can’t see FH4 photo contest, only FM7?

Hey! Putting them up now, updated this first so that I could have it as a link reference :wink:

Well done all at Turn 10 for showing the best Forza photographs on the Forza Monthly live stream :+1:t2:

Are we having regular livery comps this week?

Hey friend,

I will make it more clear in the contest news thread but this is how contest currently function:

Forza Motorsport 7 contests are Bi-Weekly (every 2 weeks)
Forza Horizon 4 contest are weekly

HOWEVER: Due to a boring and complicated legal policy we cannot run contests that are active from one month into another month. I am currently looking into seeing if we can change this.

I am posting new contests now :slight_smile:

“HOWEVER: Due to a boring and complicated legal policy we cannot run contests that are active from one month into another month. I am currently looking into seeing if we can change this.”

we cannot run contests that are active from one month into another month
we cannot run contests that are active from one month into another month

So… What the heck is up with routecomp2 then? Hey… Run it through to a different month (jan to feb) but then choose winners that werent even entered into the contest and from a different year entirely. they didnt even fell within the very specified rules? Was that just some bs reason to hide?

So all these contests are not just in house fun but subject to actual law?

What does this boring and complicated say about entries and rules when things not entered or even eligible for entry win?

I want to point out that routecomp1 I had a course 9miles that I was informed was invalid because rules said 8 max for a point to point. But any length of circuit was okay because that was not specified?

So this page is about news and information?

I directly request then. How can routecomp2 results be allowed.

Is this competition legal?
Is it even valid?
Did it even occur or are the winners just a smokescreen to loophole that there was no routecomp2?
Do the photocomps draw from past entries so somebody from photocomp4 can win?
…even though the rules say entries from past contests are not valid and can disqualify you from current and future contests?

EDIT:. Essentially, I want a clear and direct explaination how five courses from a different contest in a different year can win vs only three entries from the actual contest. Everything I see from the valid winners being from the few who submitted in jan vs feb submission dates and the quoted posts points to outright lying to us to circumvent the contest accidentally being legally invalid.

I can’t really comment on most of your questions but this bit you’re definitely getting wrong.

The policy mentioned is their internal policy, PG’s, T10’s or MS’s (or all of them combined), contents of which are unknown to us. Such policy can regulate various “events” differently or allow different kind of flexibility or even restrict one particular thing which specifically doesn’t allow weekly event to span months but is ok for longer ones to do so.

It’s really pointless to bring the “law” or that policy into your query.

Having said that, situation you describe where winners didn’t even enter the competition is indeed weird and is better be clarified.

The only reason I mentioned law is because:

Right from this discussion, “boring and complicated legal policy”. Only reason I bring that in, is one thing to just do something unsportslike or in poor treatment of community cause of a bad idea. Is different if it is due to that quoted statement and instead of being forthcoming about it and perhaps presenting a different option such as canceling and reposted, we get lied to about it.

The said suspected lie is from when another contestant who asked about it on twitter and the response to that but forum rules means that I wont bring it here. I have only been discussing that which is in the forums.

Edit:. Now the stream and victor announcement was yesterday. So I also understand that an address of this concern wont be immediate. But if it was trying to work around the error involving whatever legal policy, it would be nice to know that. Restores faith in myself personally and allows a dialogue of a solution good for all involved.

Or it will be the ambiguous twitter response here in which case I will know never to waste my time in a contest again. Cannot imagine what the livery guys would say if this happened.

Or no response and then PG will become relegated to a level of my consumer scale that is reserved for EA.

But hey. Myself and the other guy expressing concerns are just two amongst tens of thousands… Dont matter. Contests are just a side treat anyways for the few of us who partake in em.

Sometimes we, livery guys, look at some of the winner liveries and ask ourselves “but… how did that win?” We normally keep it to ourselves though :slight_smile:

Ha ha, I think everybody does. Though if it is a valid entry? Well subjectivity is part of an opinion based contest.

Reason I mentioned the livery contests is that you livery guys put incredible scrutiny onto detail with thetime investment to match so probably can most likely relate to routecomp stuff. The imagine I mean is if you all enter, do your work, share one up for a themed livery contest for say XX theme on YY…

And winner is some livery on a completely different car and li ery didnt have anything to do with the theme. But hey. It was submitted three contests ago and they feel that it was within the spirit of the contest.

The policy was mentioned in response to my question on absence of livery contest the week of 28th of Jan, not in relation to any other thing.

And I might be wrong but throwing things like “unsportslike”, “poor treatment of community” and “lie” is not the best way to get feedback and clarification. Overall things like that are rarely a part of equation at all. As big as the games like Forza and companies building them are, stuff like community contests and forums are usually dealt with by a handful (if not single) individuals, who have finite amount of time to address hundreds of things, are prone to mistakes like rest of us humans, miss stuff, not always online, etc.

I have no idea what happened to route contest but suspecting (and accusing of) foul play as the first theory is just… well, childish? Normally, a question asked in friendly and polite manner has better chances of response than multi-page accusatory post.

My guess is eventually CoPilot will come across this thread and you’ll get response of some sort.

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lol, I’d actually love to read legal reasoning behind that (and yeah, I understand why it probably can’t be made public).


Yes I received a small unexpected gift lol …

I have to return the money ? :stuck_out_tongue:

@Vaporiser. I can’t comment regards the route comps as I haven’t entered any. I have noticed though, that the rule regarding not being able to submit previous photos has been omitted from the current photo comp rules, as long as the photo was not a winner. If that’s of any help?

Not really. This isnt a case of resubmission because from the contest rules:

Now if they were resubmissions and that line didnt exist, no problem. The issue is that they were never resubmitted at all.

5/8 of routecomp 2 winners never even entered routecomp2

On top of that, the tracks also didnt fall within multiple other rules. The tracks had to meet such things as car class (or for the summer tracks, a specific car) with specific performance index and have a completion time under five minutes. Some of the winners from routecomp one didnt fall within any rule.

One winner is the wrong car with a PI higher than listed and takes over six minutes to complete… On top of being the routecomp1 and never having entered routecomp2.

Edit: missed the more direct one:

@Vaporiser Did you not win a route competition?

Won routecomp1 and two other tracks were part of the horizon 4 community championships. The concerns I bring though are for routecomp2. Had I not won normal circumstances, like your point. Had thoughts, but would keep em to self. Drive winning tracks, and try to share feedback with the creators.

The extreme frustration is that five of the eight selected winners were not entered in the contest. Apparently ineligible routes that didnt even meet the rules requirements were considered better choices.

Now I know my routes, and certainly not the dozens of other routes were not so bad that it seemed like it would be better to just chose invalid winners. Even moreso for what is supposed to be a lighthearted and fun event for everybody where prizes have no monetary value.

So to me, it seems there is something else. And after all the work and limited gaming time I got was spent making a full rules abiding package of events, I just get a “nah. We want these ones from over a year ago from peeps who didnt enter this time”.

It is a figurative slap in the face. So I am certain it isnt what we were told. Not when they were prattled off really fast in a footnote during stream full of filler then winners posted in a tucked away post. I just would like to understand in believeable terms why a thread full of valid entries (not just my own) were ignored in favour of ones that completely were inadmissible by the written rules of the contest.

There has to be a logical reason. Why didnt we get any notification about this change? If there is more to it than “we felt like it” then why not explain it? Why not chat or work with us? I mean it is just basic civility…

I mean yeah. I honestly expected one of mine to win. I considered this batch to be much better than routecomp 1. But I could only win one of those eight selected. So it isnt just a case of I didnt win that has me flustered.

Four other people who entered and worked hard on their routes were also denied their wins, their chance to feel the joy of loging in, seeing their track promoted. Having that good feeling of going to the notifications and seeing a big number of likes plus the goodfeels of knowing that they shared a lot of fun with others. And personally, that has killed my enthusiasm for doing route creation in forza anymore and I will have to seriously consider and think to get up the motivation to enter if there is a routecomp3

I made no point.
I think you’ve made yours though, so probably best leave it at that.

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I have answered regarding the route competition on both the Twitter thread & forum post which you we’re involved in @Vaporisor. Please try not to spam everywhere in the forums as this may lead to you being suspended.

The Forza Horizon competitions run by myself are a little different to the Motorsport and those ran by CoPilot relating to Horizon. The rules may differ.

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