content update version 1.142.2737 - September 18

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“Today’s update for Forza Motorsport 7 (1.142.2737.0) addresses an issue where leaderboard replays and Rivals ghosts were not loading properly.”


Does this mean that possibly whoever has not finished doing there rivals with no assists should work correctly now.

You may need to re-phrase your question - not sure what you are asking?

Never had any issue doing those
achievement popped as soon as i beat 10

Her I went to do the update it showing 97gb downloaded bloody hell what did forza do to my game not happy

Did you back out of the update at any stage? I understand if you cancel an update, it can cause the game to be re-installed from scratch.

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You live and learn. Hopefully you’ve got a decent internet speed.

In some of the posts I’ve seen like this before, pretty sure this is a Microsoft thing, rather than a T10 thing. So worth knowing about any time one of your games get’s an update.

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Definitely a Microsoft xbox thing
Have had it happen mutiple times with with multiple games

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Best advice when waiting on your XBox to complete a game update, a game data sync with the cloud or even an initial install when it pops up and says ‘Ready to Start’… Never ever stop the XBox or cancel what it’s doing. Just wait and let it complete its jobs.


Hallo ManteoMax ,

Every Sunday evening I do soms races with Dutch friends, this races take about 1.5 hours but of you save the replay afterwards to look back , it save only about the first 20 minutes and it get stuck. Hope that will be fixed too in the future .

Greets Alfred

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This has always been the case sadly. The replays have some great features too but due to everything being saved on the “cloud” the length is limited. This also affects the number of tunes and liveries you can save. This “cloud” thing is a bit of an annoyance considering I have a terabyte of disk space to work with on the console itself. I have lost out on some cracking replays because of this, races where I really was on top form and really wanted to watch back.

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Is there a solution for loading replays from other people?

I make videos of our race like with Alfred who also commented above.

I can not watch the replays of others loading :triumph::sob:

This did not fix the loading times for paints in the garage, but it was never its purpose anyway.

Happy to see hotfixes coming in the middle of the month, though. One large update each month is fine, but waiting a month for hotfixes is too slow!

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To answer your question from earlier I have not been able to see the achievement update in quite some time for racing a rival with no assists on and was wondering if this update will fix that issue.

Have just tested this out with a new account
Every assist is set to off
Steering is on sim
Manual with clutch
Damage on sim

Counted every time
Did time attack on an oval against a dirty lap and since the rival never updates each clean lap counted as 1 rival
Done in 10 laps

Fair enough, I didn’t have any problem unlocking that achievement back when the game came out - no way for me to test it now though.

If you believe there is an issue, I’d start a thread in the support section or e-mail the usual e-mail address.

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question since this patch hit has anyone else has frame rate issues on xbox in single player events (with or with out drivitars )

I did some freeplay races for forzathon things earlier and didn’t notice any issues reaper - that’s on XB1X though.

hmm ty for the reply might have to move this to tech issues then