Content update - July 9 - version 1.336 (PC) 1.326 (Xbox)

FH4 Release Notes: July 9th, 2019
Nitro Glitter

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155.7 MB on Xbox One X

1 Chinese fix???

So we still see through the houses then… that’s not important?

You still set a marker position on the map, but it never goes away… not important?

Just two of the latest bugs to make it into Forza!

Not to mention the 6 month old bugs.


Read past the Chinese mate - it’s a game crash bug. Of course it’s way more important than seeing through houses as it’s a critical bug (in other words - using the product is impossible) as opposed to convenience bug (e.g. experience can be affected for a limited number of users in specific scenarios).


I know but in reality the fixes should take 5 minutes so what’s the difference? Moving a camera doesn’t take several weeks.

This isn’t about those bugs tho, this is about a bug that crashes the game for some users. Seeing through houses and a map marker just don’t take precedent over it. Sorry if those 2 minor things somehow make the game unplayable for you.


I highly doubt anything related to code in the game of this size takes 5 minutes.


You don’t look through the entire code. You look through the bit that puts the camera in the house which should be in a subroutine linked to houses jumping to Position Camera. How hard is that?

And then you miss another bit of code that calls that subroutine in such a way that the fix creates a new problem. And that sort of thing inevitably happens even when you’re being careful, much less when you’re rushing it in five minutes.

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No, that’s called a bodge, you don’t do bodges if you program properly. What should simply happen is that XYZ are 3D locations for the camera, and you pass those to the camera_setup(x,y,z)

If you bodge the fix you might put (These are just imaginary examples)…

z= z -10

somewhere in the code, and confuse everyone.

Whereas what you should do is put the -10 in the place where the original code was.

when leaving the code you should clear x y z

X = 0
Y = 0
z = 0

so that other parts of the program aren’t altered by using X,Y,Z again.

Somebody at Forza is allowing one part of the program alter another part of the program which means that they aren’t clearing the old data being passed along.

So position player in Lego Car z = z -10

Has shifted the camera for a house because they passed that along into all of the code. That’s called a bodge… bad programming.

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In perfectly written code it would be that easy, but what happens is people are put under constant pressure to deliver short terms results, and long term code quality suffers.


You’re not writing code for 1 program though, you are writing code for all Forza versions, so you think about Forza 5, and you think also about Forza 6. The code will be passed along, so taking your time over it is worth millions of pounds. Having bugs loses customers. Nobody should be writing code that they can’t read later. Besides which the camera bug was probably to position a player in a Lego car, so it’s also traceable back to when that happened.

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