Content Update details - 10/6/15

October 6 Content Update Details

Players who start up the game on October 6 or later will be prompted to install a 623MB content update. Be sure you’ve updated your console from its Settings and do a power cycle so your system is fully synched with Xbox Live to properly receive the update.

Please only post in this thread after you have installed the update.

News: Content Update Announcement
Forum: Details and Tips thread from VoodooUomo

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Please explain to me how thousands of us cannot play online and that doesn’t get fixed. I’m disgusted. FIX THIS GAME!


I updated. Had to delete my save (HDD and Cloud) because of the corrupted save bug and no response from anyone. So now I’m back to zero and have a lot of wasted hours and effort. Couple million credits and a ton of cars,tunes, and a couple paintjobs. Is there anyway turn 10 can make this right.

I see the car pack for download in the Xbox store section, downloaded with no problems. I deep cycled the Xbox, started up Forza 6. No update popped up, the cars don’t show up in the buy car section, and the pack says installed. Under system settings it says, ‘No Update Avaialable’. Any suggestions?

Edit: Now when I go to my owned cars to tune and upgrade it says ‘DLC’ next to them and when I try to select them to get into that car a ‘Marketplace Error’ pops up saying, ‘Failed to download required marketplace data. Please try again later.’ This is fun!

I’m not even getting an update at all like what the hell !!! , I haven’t been able to play online sense release either . My modem is dmz and everything I can see that my friends are playing online and it’s telling my the servers are unavailable !!! This is getting rediculas turn10

How do you get this archievement now?

· We have corrected issues with the “World Traveler” achievement, which should now work as expected

I still not get the archievement. I did all the location again but still 96%.

Hey mate, check out this post from VoodooUomo, it has tips re the October Update and mentions replaying Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca in multiplayer for this achievement to pop:

The console is fully updated. The game appeared to update successfully. However, the leaderboards are still dominated by Mazda RX3’s and '65 Mini’s. I thought they were going to be wiped or have I missed something? Please ignore this. The leaderboards were cleared of the offending cars around 8pm GMT

I like the content update information being posted in a support section of it’s own. Thanks.

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Hey there Max,

Just looking for some general info - I do a fresh boot and full shutdown before/after each session, do I still need power cycle my console when it is time to get a system update or game update? Since my console is on Energy Saving and I kill the power completely (brick also goes out) after each session, isn’t the console power cycling anyway using this method of shutdown and boot up?

The update is already installed and I do have the latest September system update. Things are working as they should.

What is the logic behind boost mods making your lap dirty? That makes absolutely no sense. How does getting extra XP or credits affect lap times?

I like doing clean laps to compare with my friends. I also like the idea of mods, but if I cannot do both things at the same time, it basically makes it useless. I got all the achievements regarding mods, so I guess I just have to forget about this feature. Seems like another waste of development resources, just like Forzavista.

Simpler and more reliable to have all mods place your lap under the dirty laps on the leader boards than have to have it work it out - so many combinations and plenty of room for error in that one.

I do not agree with that. All the mods seem to be predetermined, not randomly generated, so it is just a case of adding a 0/1 parameter.

Turn 10 is not an indie developer, it is a big studio with a decade of experience with a single franchise. Surely they could handle something as simple as a 0/1 check.

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Good morning, I have a question to ask, I share the xbox home with my brother, we downloaded the Ultimate version of FM6, the problem is that on my profile are purchased the DLC but I have neither machines nor VIP pass.
Can you help please? thank you

In the next update, can you make it possible so the game automaticly kicks players from mp, if there is no input after 30 seconds? Is annoying to join a lobby, sit 4 minutes, then spectate and see that every one ingame is just standing at the startline…

The option to display drivater designs doesn’t do anything in free play, haven’t tested in private lobbies. They are appearing in career races and showcases etc though.