content ban.

I was banned a week ago from uploading something, for 170 hours, and after being unbannws for less then 24 hours,I have been banned for 720 hours, again with absolulty no explaination, I do not posses the abiltiy to read minds, so I was forced to guess that graphic probably caused my ban, and I deleted it, and clear ot from all my cars. And now, I have been banned again, without prior warming, reason or explaination for over a month, which seriously deteacts from the online experience of this game. I tried to seek clarifaction about by first ban, but had no reply. Therefore I had to assume what caused it, which is highly counter-intuitive of the fundemental principals of a ban (to deter you from repeated bad behaviour) but I don’t know what I did. I vehemently oppose this unjust decision to what ever powers are in charge, at least tell me why I was banned so I can advoid a third one.
Yours faithfully,
Joshua A. Nicoll

Must have been the pedo bear which you posted after being banned for posting an ejaculating gentleman’s sausage. If you have concerns, contact Turn 10 by email at