Constant PC crash after update ( FIXED )

While my daughter was whooping up some c class guys i decided to jump on my PC or well laptop and play some. First time on PC since the november update, well i have yet had a problem until today. Most i could play was maybe 1 full race if that. no bandwidth problems and FR was staggering between 60 and 40 which is what i have been seeing since day 1. Noticed GE performance had an update so i figured ok lets check this out. Did the update, same thing crash crash crash. Checked my setting in the NVIDIA control panel, looked off, was set to auto-select. No thats not what i want so i changed it to the High performance NVIDIA processor. Ok, then i went to program settings and made sure FM7 was set on the same setting. DONE. Played 8 hours straight not 1 issue and my FP never dropped below 59.5 not a single time. a few times a even had a message showing a weak bandwidth strength and still no problems.

Alienware laptop 17 R3
GE force GTX 970M
i7-6700HQ CPU@2.60
7.9 GB RAM
3840 x 2160 , 60Hz :slightly_smiling_face:

Just your normal rig. Hope this helps NITRO