Constant latency warning.

I play on a xbox one console and enjoy playing the leagues on FM 7. Recently when I go online to play a warning appears stating Network Issue High latency warning. I have checked all connections through the Xbox and have found no problems. Is this problem caused by my location here in New Zealand and distance from the servers?.
Also since the last update and warning appearing I have nights where I am lucky to complete one race without being disconnected. I currently run a hardwired TP Link modem.
I would appreciate any advice or help with this matter Thx.

Ps I play FH3 and when i go online I also get a occasional network warning but nothing as bad as FM7.

I get the same in Australia. I mainly play private lobbies and have a 80+mbps connection. When I test my connection on Xbox settings everything seems fine. I have a low ping. I’m getting both low bandwidth and latency.

I get it almost all the time too
It’s our distance from the servers so unless they have localized servers it wont get any better