Constant disconnects online in Australia (XSX)

Have a decent 100mbps download / 20mbps upload connection and all other multiplayer games (including FH4) work fine.

FH5 will randomly disconnect me and this has been happening without fail for the last 8 hours or so. Seemed to work ok this morning, but haven’t had a stable online connection since. Getting random disconnects in freeroam and 8 times out of 10 I’ll be disconnected mid session playing Eliminator / Arcade etc.

Is anyone else experiencing this? I’m playing on XSX.

Thanks for any advice.


Same issues for me. Unable to join sessions in Australia and on XSX.


I’m on PC and having this exact same problem.
I have 500/500 mbit connection and all of my other games work flawlessly, with a flawless ping but FH5 constantly disconnects and it’s driving me nuts.

Yeah mate same issue on my end.

Issues in the East Coast of the US as well. Constant disconnections with good internet, I’ve been playing forza for over 12 years and ive never seen a launch as bad as this. Very disappointed.

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It seems to be a FH5 issue globally rather than a localised one. Here in the UK it’s exactly the same for me in-game even though my 350mbps connection is solid.

I can confirm the same thing here in Eastern US. I’ve been playing for a couple hours and I’ve been disconnected dozens of times. Currently can’t even reconnect.

Same issue. Playing on XSX. Worldwide problem I think, not just in Australia.

Same here, pc version connecting to the Australian servers.

Guessing it’s a bit of the reddit hug impact from everyone trying to get on early.

I’m on PC in the Netherlands, same issue. Continually disconnecting and on top of that sometimes when losing connection the car stops.

Same here in UK. Constant disconnects. Luckily it’s not freezing the game, just anoying. Guessing the servers can’t cope.

Same issue for me in The Netherlands on Xbox Series X, internet aint the problem as I have a stable 500mbps down and 500mbps up, it must be a server side issue

Appreciate all the feedback fellow gamers. Let’s hope it is resolved quickly.

See you on the road.

Same issue in Belgium with a very good connection of 1000mbps.

Same here London,UK constant disconnecting and asking me to sign in or w/e. Everyone disopeared from roads.

Also got the same issue in Germany. I’m on Xbox Series X. All other games work just fine.

Same thing here in Western Canada. When things open up completely on Monday it’s going to be chaos.

Same thing here, on XSX in Houston, Texas.

This is entirely server related. It’s still got some teething issues.

UK on PC 500meg connection, same issue, it is down to their Servers as every other Online game I play for hours no issues.
No weird Anti Virus my end either.

Should be put in known issues at the moment, its going to cause big issues when it goes fully live.