Constant Black Screens

While doing any online race… especially in the leagues I am faced with frozen black screens which say “race in progress” at the top until I am finally booted from the lobby for inactivity or I give up and quit the game. There have also been a number of times with the same black screen with “loading track” at the top with some random white orbs and lines on the screen. Examples are below.

Also the game locks up and crashes often when trying to view other players information.

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Same boat here since last update the game is totally broken !

Same here…I’ve seen this multiple times in the Breakout S class hopper. Every 3-4 races.

One time, it did kick out of it and put me in the race. I was out of cockpit mode and cars were dodging me left and right as I didn’t start with them.

I came here to report it and found this thread.

Ive started to get this aswell & like you said especially in Leagues . Ive got a pretty fast connection so i don`t think its that. . Just another frustrating thing to add to all the others in this game,

Same here

+1, Leagues are nearly unplayable for me.

In leagues, I was progressing along and gaining levels and then I had nearly an hour of attempting to join and getting black screen/disconnects like that and the next day I looked and saw I lost all my progress. So the 7 or 8 in a row failed attempts to start races erased all that time. I had that same thing happen the day before also.

I had read somewhere that a headset connected would reduce it. Have tried it and it works. Get a black screen sometimes, but that is negligible.

Same with me…black screens all the time…online gaming nearly impossible…want to switch car online game breaks totally down! It seems to me that Turn 10 is forcing the gamers on XBox One and One S to buy the new One X to play the Game without crashing! Since in my Facebook community nobody has those problems on the One X this is the only thing that makes sense why we other players have those issues on our Consoles (that still works without crashing in other games)…

I’m seeing the same problems on One X. I haven’t been able to do more than 3 races consecutively without black screens and kicks for inactivity.

Yeah the game is just as broken on the X…

same here very annoying what a waste of money on this game

Same for me on the PC version. It’s always happened sporadically since leagues started, but today it’s almost every second race, which sucks as you get in a with a great group and then their servers burp and you’re out. Occasionally the race will start, but suddenly and your default view is changed so everyone scrambles to get going and fix their camera view. Sure wrecks an otherwise fun experience.

Tried rebooting to see if that would help, but can’t get once race going. I’m either booted due to inactivity(which is wrong, I’M ACTIVE) or the game is crashing. Giving up and going to play Gran Turismo Sport. Really wanted to do some league races today, it’s new to me and was having a blast when it would actually work. Hope a BIG patch is coming for the PC version soon to fix all the issues.

Don’t hold your breath. Turn10 is asleep at the wheel. Stick to GT Sport. I picked up project cars yesterday as a result of frustration with this turd of a game.

Same here! While online with my buddies, the race will start, go to black screen and just stay there with the banner “Race in progress”. It happens to ALL of us at the same time. We all rebooted our boxes and network. No change.

A time or two I waited it out and it eventually dropped me into the race. HOWEVER, this was an Unlimited Virus Tag lobby. It seemed like all was good until you realize nobody is it and nobody will ever be. This us all well and good because you can just leave and catch another lobby right? WRONG. Nearly every lobby had one or several cars who didn’t leave the botched game session. So then every hipper you jump into had 15 drivers waiting and ONE idiot still sitting in game and it NEVER loads.

Same here +1

More frustrating than even the game problems is the wall of official silence.
Would it hurt to have acknowledgement of known issues somewhere or would it serve to let the very people you ask for feedback, simply to give us hope of future fix.
You guys ask for feedback then ignore peoples cries for help!

What’s the situation Turn 10?