Console sharing FREE DLC not working

This is my sons profile and it seems even the free dlc items will not work on a game share (same console). Anyone know how to get around it now that his MS account cannot access any of the dlc? I have tried the web area just for the free items and it just gives a no longer available message for the free stuff like the vauxhall top gear car etc…

The game Forza 5 reached EOL (End Of Life) so I guess you can’t see them in the store anymore.
*By going to the game page like before though.

But I’ve checked here with my account and in My Games & Apps > Forza 5 > Press Start > Manage Game > Installed > Vauxhall Astra 1.6 blablabla > Press Start > See in the Store
It shows the pack and it says This pack is installed. So why don’t he tries with his account. Maybe checking in the store and seeing the This pack is installed message it ticks it for him in the game.

Yes it says that it’s installed. When I remove it and unlink my home console I either get an in-game error that it’s exclusive content that is no longer available, or if taken to the store it also says something about no longer being available.

Pretty tight that the purchased dlc is not shared either. Over a few measly credits and cars…