Confused as to whether The Fast and Furious thing is free or not?!

First off I have asked this question on Reddit and if I get an answer I will update with what I got here!

Ok so here’s my question:

I have just seen and posted this on my website:
It says that it will be $5 yet the link below shows £7.99, is it for the same thing and if so why is it free when I sign in?

Ones a car pack for the main Forza Horizon 2 game and ones the actual expansion for the movie.

Ok so what do you get with the expansion?

I am confused as to why there is 2 things lol.

The so called expansion was just a big demo advertising Forza and Furious 7 so you basically get nothing with it. But I’m really happy the give us the cars to the main game

Ok so what is the Expansion for then, other than a giant advert for a movie?

Is it a new location/city to drive around or what?

No, its the main Horizon map but with only part of it available; with 11 cars in it,thats it really but yes a giant advert :stuck_out_tongue:

Not to mention new events with the enclosed cars, achievements and gamer score increases, too.

FREE, too!

The Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast and Furious is a standalone expansion including 10 cars from the Furious movie (plus the Huracan) for you to drive around the France portion of the Horizon 2 map. Tej (Luda) takes you on a European racing adventure to acquire several cars for him and his crew. It’s free until April 10th at which point it will cost a ridiculous $10.

The Furious Car Pack is a downloadable content for Forza Horizon 2 for the month of April. It contains 7 cars from the Furious movie (and the expansion). It will be available for download in just a few hours and it costs $5. Everyone can use the Supra for free as it is the pack’s free car.

All prices mentioned above are in United States Dollars and must be converted to your local currency when actually making the purchase.

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