Completion stats

So I completed FH3 in under 18 hours played time, with only about 80 progressing and 20 farming money and XP.

I have screenshots of my completion % and my time played that i will upload and comment with :slight_smile:

( Not right now as its midnight and im goong to sleep :grin:)

I completed the Horizon 3 main storyline!:disappointed_relieved:
Thought the final race would be better ( money & XP wise. )

My ingame stats.

Proof 1 - The fans collected

Proof 2 - My ingame fans & 100% storyline.

I have more fans because I’m still farming races.

Make sure you put that on your resume :slight_smile:


Seems a shame to complete it so quickly.


Completion as in you got to the final showcase? Or as in … you have all achievements?

Because 63 championships with at least 3 races each race with only 1min laps … an unrealistic and superhuman rounding down on my part … is like 10 hours alone. And that’s without any travel time in between races, no loading times, etc.

Anyone can photoshop a screenshot. So I’m figuring your “completion” is just that you rushed through and got to the final showcase … far from “COMPLETE”.

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Completion as in storyline as I said above. Not 100%

Is there a final race like horizon and horizon 2? I mean the real long race

Can somebody tell please :slight_smile:

NO… there isnt… sorry,
A very cool final showcase but no whole map race.
I am level 70 so I could be wrong, but the games stroy definately seems to end after the final showcase… its a very cool one… but no long final race.

wait a sec… Brian said in a stream last week i think there was a Gauntlet like the other 2… it was one of the first things he said? Thats not in?

Most likely just one of the tracks and not necessarily a dedicated, final, this-is-it, race-to-end-all-races event that you have to do before the game turns to the credits.

Ya i just read in another post that it’s just a race that pops up. I guess the showcase is the “end” it’s in there somewhere just not in same place.

Here are the basis stats for Grant Orban, PG game designer, who just reached 1000 gamerscore:

That’s what I call “COMPLETE” … 1000/1000 GS. Just finishing all the showcase events and a handful of championships isn’t “complete”. That would be like saying “I’m done with this game. I’ve done everything I could possibly ever do.” after just finishing the single-player campaign in GTA V.

OP’s “completion” claim is as ridiculous as a pink 1957 BMW Isetta 300 Export.

The fact he has less than 2000 Forza Reward points says it all anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice, now you can delete it and go for something else. :thumbsup: