Completion Percentage Went DOWN

So before the Hot Wheels expansion was released, I made it my goal to 100% the main game of Horizon 3. I managed to reach 99%, with the missing 1% coming from not doing enough of Horizon Promo.

However, once I downloaded the Hot Wheel expansion, I noticed that not only did my percentage go down, the game is saying that I didn’t do all danger sign jumps and drift zones, despite the fact all of them having 3 stars on my map.

Does any one know what could be causing this?

The expansion has its own set of danger signs and drift zones as well. Have you completed those?

Yes. I’ve done everything at Hot Wheels except for the championships and the XP boards.

I bet if you did them the completion % would go up again.

It’s probably like achievement % If you had 100% on the main game before both DLC;s came out and you didn’t buy them it would go down to 50%

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Provided you have completed all BM and HW stunts the following may fix it.

Beat your personal best on one of each type on the main map ie 1 speed trap, speed zone, jump and drift.

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Okay, I’ll give that a try when I get a chance.

Thank you to everyone else for their responses as well.

Nope don’t know but my danger signs and drift zones are like yours and my horizon Hardcore achieve is stuck at 98% but stats in game say 63/63.
On mine.

And yes I have all of them I have PR star, track star and supernova

Its a known issue. I also had 100% completion on the main game but after a forzathon one day it started showing only 94% completion. Now around a month later it says 97% completed. Redoing some of the pr stuns may help to bring it back up but i can not guarantee. Personally i just live with it, as long i know that i done everything im satisfied

*btw comparing your stats to mine it shows for me drift the drift zones only 7/17 completed and danger signs 6/16. I also have 3 stars on all

You also need to complete all of Horizon Promo.

My game stats were at 100% before HW release without doing all Promos. Now it went down to 95%.

Complete HW and then do what I say in my post higher up.