Completion = 15-18%

Wow! Very very intriguing.

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O o wow… that’s a good chuck of percentage left


‘Playground has plans to “expand the experience” by way of future DLC.’

this game gets better and better ,

Yep interesting. That is the thing FH1 give low replay motivation when you are crown champion. Except “1000 club” DLC who gave quite a boost to my FH play time
15 hours to become champion is quite short. But with 72% of the game potential remaining, it might be fine

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Not to be a skeptical ninny but I don’t buy much of this.

*WARNING, OPINION BELOW /FlameShieldsActivate

So it takes 15 hours to do all 500 events is that when credits roll or just the “main” events? if so, they must be really short events, at least i assume that’s when they mean the credits roll? Or will there be like i dunno…lets see 18% is almost 20% so im guessing there is about 80-100 “story” events and 400+ “not story” events, plus the barn finds, plus exploring the man, plus owning all the cars, I would expect each of those things count towards the “100%” figure, so tl;dr:

500/500 events
All cars
All barn finds
All of the “map” explored


To me it just sounds like Ralph is exagerrating the “side content” of the game, so is it true to say 30 cars are locked behind this “bucket list” challenges? But we’ve seen all the cars already in game…they risk locking “our favourite” cars behind “post game content” events? Bad idea…or good idea? For me, not sure, i know of 20 cars i absolutely want ASAP in the game after working for them, but i find 10 of them i can only “earn” or “win” after the story is “done” i’ll be a bit annoyed.

Post release DLC going to be another area of europe? Is that the hint?

It’s all hype for now guys, we’d betterj ust wait and see what it translates too, to me it’s just “dev speak” for “we have lots of fluff and padding in our game”.

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15 hours is a lot of time in racing game terms, don’t forget (pretty much half a GTA game), and it’s very unlikely that time takes into account exploration time, painting time and multiplayer time. Oh, and there’s actually 700+ events in the Xbox One version, so yeah, Plenty of content. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve spent at least 15 hours in tuning and test driving alone in Forza 5. I’m not even done with the career leagues… 15 hours is a lot of play time though.

To put it into perspective, to reach the level cap in Destiny took only 10 hours and reaching the end of the “main story” took 12. None of the Halo games took 15 hours to play through main story. Have you ever seen a Call of Duty game last more than a couple of hours?

Just remember, a lot of this is to get people interested and spend their money on the game. Still, I would expect to see a lot of driving time and events in the main festival, and it seems that there will be quite a bit of game left in the end-game.

I got to agree. And for me, Horizon is an experience. You cannot put a % on enjoying the road and the cars…

360 versions has 200 less events now?


Why…run out of friggin disk space? Lol, stupid.

i’m curious what you control things means after you win. Game is starting to sound like destiny forza edition with the end game stuff, constant things to do every day. if they do plan to make new modes and such it better not cost 20 a pop. Starting to see why the car pass was so cheap now


Yes, the 360 version has less events, nearly 500, but that is still a lot compared to what the original version had to offer.

15 hours is to become champion and see the end game credits is very short, even for a racing game. Horizon, PGR4, Forza4, Fuel, TDU, Grid series and even the Need for Speed series sure do take you way longer then 15 hours to finish. Good thing is that the game isn’t over after that. Though I’m hoping that after the 15 hours you don’t get the I’m done with the game feeling, even if there’s still much left to do.

Thing is I’m not going to take Ralph’s word for it, sorry Ralph… he loves to create a hype and is known to exaggerate… a lot. We have to wait and see.

Just read the little info we have on the 360 version again and it sounds like that may be quite different when it comes to all of this. Sounds like you drive to a certain city and there’s something like a race event there. Once done, another race event will open up in a different city. While doing so you climb in the ranks of the Horizon Festival.

I’m just hoping that after release they bring back the 1000 Club challenges, since that was really fun and made me want to keep on playing the game.

From all the games you mentionned, only Forza 4, and TDU have truely long career modes. Even then, Forza 4 is long because there’s an achievement for finishing the majority of the races in bucket list. With that said, only TDU is a true long game.

He is a hype-o-matic tbf.

Like, lets break it down.

After you beat the “story” mode, you “are in charge of the road trip”, road trip? what is this? A predetermined route of roads/races along a set story path? So when you “complete” the story…you can choose from a set few points where you want this “road trip” to start and finish?

Hmm…doesnt sound like a 70% worth of extra content to me, just sounds like you can change destinations and start points of the “main event road trip” a few times.

Still i have no idea what he means really so, guess we’ll see.

The whole road trip thing sounds intriguing indeed and he’s not completely clear on what he means by it. He want to keep it a mystery. Problem with a road trip is that you need roads for it, lot’s of it. I’m afraid that by the time you’ve done the 12 hour first road trip, you’ve driven all the roads already. The whole road trips concept sounds cool, but there aren’t enough roads for multiple trips, the map is too small for that. Unless after the first road trip the map suddenly opens up new areas for you to explore, but I doubt that’s going not going to happen. So, I think it’s all part of the hype the game :slight_smile:

Just in case this wasn’t posted already, here is another interesting link that a friend of mine found:

Very interesting stuff and also there will be a twitch broadcast at 5:30pm PST today. The link is in the article.

Just watched EuroGamer’s live stream, and what it looks like is: instead of specific wristbands holding you back, once