Completing the online freeroam challenge achievement

I don’t have any friends on my xbox live friends who play horizon. so i just wanted a few people who play it regularly to give me a hand getting this achievement. my gamertag is DRUMMER FERGY. cheers.

Join a club. That way you get lots of friends to do the achievements with.
We hold regular meets for such things.
Club Thenomads
Tag TTiD.

I usually cruise around the Free Roam custom games area when I want a break from social racing. I look for gamers with lower level yellow wristbands as they seem to want to do the challenges more than most.

I don’t have a headset so I make it easier for other drivers to see me by driving canary yellow cars with orange lettering on the side for each car challenge. Like these two:

Just remember that if you are hosting a free roam game, click on the co-op challenges menu and choose the car challenge you want to do so other drivers can see what you want to do next. Also just be careful of the sunset or sunrise as they happen fairly quickly and you can get caught out mid challenge.

If I see you around I’ll help.

i need the crx sir