Completing Highly Skilled seasonal earns Unbeatable accolade

Just a heads up, winning seasonal championship races locked to Highly skilled difficulty are earning Unbeatable win accolades if you have the main difficulty set to Unbeatable.

Useful for those that want to earn the unbeatable accolades easy or avoid if you would rather do them the honest way.


Same thing happens if a convoy leader runs events on low difficulty while you have yours set to Unbeatable.

I wonder if you can set a forced difficulty via Blueprint and get the same effect?

If you just want to complete the accolades for winning 10 races against unbeatable drivatars. I’ve got an easy blueprint shared for each race type, they each start with ‘HOF’ for Hall Of Fame

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Please post your share codes. Props for helping out with these accolades. Thanks

Street Racing - 563 782 006
Cross Country - 123 757 502
Road Race - 797 044 298
Dirt - 975 940 266

All one quick lap except the street race, which doesn’t take long.


I tried SR and CC and at least if the accolades are bugged, non of those races gave me 1/10… So Idk, seems that they dont work…

Anyone knows a good way to do this? and I mean racing normally… Any class that should be easy for us, because I dont care what you think about unbeatable, that diff is bugged and has an insane rubberbanding, I just want to do the accolades and forget them.

Far as I know, the Accolades only trigger on “Horizon” tracks (rather than custom routes)…I did a few Unbeatable customs but they never registered.

Road: I ran 10 lap races on the Horizon Festival Circuit using a D Class Mazda MX-5. Usually got to the front in the latter stages of the race

Dirt & CC: I set up 10 laps at Ek-Balam CC and Mulege Scramble…ran B Class Classic Racers and use the Shelby Daytona. Depending on the AI cars, you could get away with doing 3 lap races.

Street: I just went with the Street race South-East of the Drag Strip in the ruins (South of the map) as it’s the least technical, created a custom one so it was heavy rain and then ran an A Class Bone Shaker and it was pretty easy

If I remember later when I turn the game on, I’ll post the tune share codes

If it’s a custom route (not in a position to check currently) it won’t work for the Accolades.

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It works for me.

I think they nerfed custom routes for seasonals but accolades are still OK.

Team win in Trial also earns Unbeatable win accolades.

I wonder what the code for FH5 looks like? I’ll bet it’s a mess.

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The accolades are bugged. I just got this one even though it says 0/10 completed. But another one says 18/10 completed but it is NOT complete…

On Dirt, I was at 7/10…then it suddenly jumped to 14/10 (presumably due to doing seasonal races)…it triggered when I completed the next unbeatable race. No clue on the 0/10 one.

i got all in my ford transit d100 all the way back on launch, you just pump it full of upgrades without breaking vehicle pi which is 100 and walk all over unbeatable like on tourists, only in street races they might cheat a bit with their overtuned crapollas, but then just find descent tracks and you should be golden
mind you races will take twice longer, but with no frustration and 100% satisfaction

I completed Unbeatable on Goliath properly. You are only cheating yourselves.

I’m just doing weekly championships for street scene and dirt, will do that D100 Transit for cross country.

With game broken as is and nobody giving a damn, I’ll use and abuse any game feature there is.