Completed championship for TVR TUSCAN

I beat this championship… on expert… said The car is added t my garage but the car is no where to found… this is ticking me off and really stressing me out… as you can’t just buy out cause people snipe in the auction house…

As you see… completed it… but no car… please fix…

Can you see that car in car selection screen when you select a car before race?

Nope it just isn’t no where to be found… like it vanished… I didn’t accidently sell it. I restarted the game like 20 times.

No wait… it dose show when selecting a race… is this a glitch?

Shows in my garage no problem. I have noticed a delay in the car pass cars showing up after downloasing them.
I guess like everything else, just gotta go make a pot of coffee while the game gets caught up :joy::joy::joy:

I had to buy another one from the auction house THAT one dose show, but the one I won dosen’t show… is there a fix?

That is not abaout championship would be glitched, there is many peoples that have some “ghost” car in garage that show up only when selected car on race (so everytime want to use that car need to start race and then just quit that before race so get back in the freeroam) I recommended sending a ticket but dont have high hopes that getting fixed soon, as my ticket is been open now almost 2 months.

Thank you, for the heads up and I didn’t think the support would be that good from all the replies and problems other people been having… so it’s not just me that has this problem.