Complaints and Annoyances

I did two 50 lap races in MY OWN CAR on the Indy Motor Speedway and got ABSOLUTELY NO credits or experience and am very mad and disappointed with not only the game but tun 10s system to contact them (there is none).

Were you practicing in the car, or did you actually set up a race against a field of Drivatars? It makes a difference if you’re just testing (no credits or XP) or in actual competition.

Sure there is:

As for your issue, Snowowl has a likely answer.

We need more information. What mode was this in, how did you set it up, and that sort of thing.

Also…, you said you did it twice. Why did you run fifty laps to gain 0 CR and then do it again? Wouldn’t you have wanted to know why you got nil after the first fifty laps?

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An important part of what Snowowl said may be this - were you racing against at least one other car?