Competitive Drag Lobby Tunes Shared (RWD)

All tunes shared are either drop catch or full throttle. I have uploaded a replay for each tune (search my gamertag). I have put “Don” in the description of each tune for ease of location.

65 Shelby Cobra S Class Runs a 8.367 sec quarter mile.

93 Ford Mustang Cobra (Foxbody) Runs a 8.800sec quarter mile sometimes high 8.7s

69 Nova 396 Runs a 8.833sec quarter mile

2015 Mustang Runs a 8.500sec quarter mile (i’ve ran as low as an 8.467 w this tune)

03 Toyota Celica Front Wheel Drive Runs a 10.100 sec quarter mile

02 Camaro Runs a 8.517 sec quarter mile consistently (I’ve ran a 8.479 with it)

02 Camaro (mile) Runs a 21.384 sec mile (I think its 21, maybe 20)

69 Camaro Runs a 9.250 sec quarter mile

70 Challenger RT Runs a 9.117 sec quarter mile

65 Alpha Romeo GTA Runs a 8.083 sec quarter mile This car is fairly wild, probably not one you would want to use in an 8 wide race. You need at least half the track width to run it. It is a full throttle tune, but on the countdown you will need to keep jabbing the steering wheel to the right. (it pulls left HARD)

Nissan R390 Runs a low 7.7 sec quarter mile. Needs to be ran manual with no clutch

40 Ford Coupe Runs a 8.183 sec quarter mile

GMC Vandura Runs a 9.5 sec quarter mile Nice smooth wheelie off the line

01 Acura Integra Type R (RWD swap) Runs a 8.783 sec quarter mile

09 Honda S2000 Runs a 8.683 sec quarter mile

73 BMW 2002 Runs a 8.417 sec quarter mile (i’ve run as low as 8.383 w this tune)

73 Ford Falcon XB Runs a 8.850 sec quarter mile

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Is that RWD or AWD?


Nice. Check out my True Street Series. I think you’d do very well against the competition.

Sounds cool, not sure I can make the Wednesday evening time frame.

Added 02 Camaro to OP. Runs consistent 8.517 sec quarters with the occasional 8.5.

Added 69 Camaro SS and 70 Challenger RT to OP

Added an S class 65 Alpha GTA (RWD) and Nissan R390

Can someone please help me tune a 1969 chevy camaro ss to do
0-60 in 5.3 seconds
weigh as close to 3,300 pounds as possible
Has any where from 580 to 600 horsepower
and can do a 13.60 in a quarter mile I am not to worried about the quarter mile
I am trying to replicate the very rare camaro ZL-1 there were only 69 built it hade the L88 Chevy said it made 430hp but it is not true it was said for insurance purposes sadly it is not in the game if it helps I am playing Forza Horizon 2

I am new to trying to tune cars I always just have put the part’s in and never thought about tuning so I really would appreciate if you guys can help me and hopefully teach me how to do it.

I don’t have Horizon 2, but am willing to give you some settings that should help you out. I’ll mess around with those numbers on forza 5 and see what I can come up with. So are you ok with race build on suspension and tranny. street tires?

I had a similar car for FM5, and, just put together the H2 version per your post. You can search my GT, or…

H2 = 601 HP, 3305 lbs, 5.15 (0-60)
street tires, F 215, R 345/45R14, 2.0 Drag Race rims, no rear bumper, street hood, Drivetrain all race, P&H all race except stock chassis, 6.2L V8, Twin Turbo…Engine=race intake, race exhaust, race pistons, race valves, race flywheel

Tune => 55/33, default, 5/-2.5, 0/0, 7, 40/40, 200/max, max, max, 1/13, 13/1, na, 50/100, 100/0

Enjoy, and good luck!

Yeah I am ok with that I would like to not do an engine swap I am ok with any thing else

Updated build/tune to stock motor, stats at 601 HP / 665 lb-ft, 3316 lbs (57%), 5.0 sec (0-60), 10.98 sec (0-100).

Added a couple more tunes to the OP. A nice A class 40 coupe, and a GMC Vandura all out lol.


Seems like maybe the right place to ask this. My friends and I are starting to mess with drag builds on Horizon 2. We’ve gotten pretty addicted to Street Outlaws on tv and have all started building cars. As of now, we have tried to stick to good “drag” cars. Not the Alpha, or Lambos. Mostly muscle, mostly maxed out at S2 somethings. Always RWD, or at least no AWD.

A couple of us have built some on FM5, and we started on a bunch on FM4. Sadly we never really raced much in any of the games as 5 came out and not all of us had/have ones. But with Horizon 2, we have started again.

Other than the obvious B, A, S1, S2 class divisions, what are some basic, easy ways to have different classes? I dont mean a full on NHRA rulebook with 30 different classes, just some basics to start us off, even the playing field. Maybe even start having some club top ten list stuff going on!! Man I wish they’d put out a drag pack like storm island was for rally!!

Anyway, any ideas?

Hey Mate, We have a top 10 list (actually 2 lists) happening on Forza Horizon 2 but once our current season finishes we will be moving back to FM5. Feel free to check it out and sign up if you wish or you can look in our forums to see the classes we have run in the past in our Archives.

The site is

We are also on facebook - Redirecting...

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That sounds pretty cool. Being that we are just starting up in our club I’m sure we’re not quite competitive…yet! Give us some time, maybe we’ll get our top ten and go up against your top ten(s).

I’d say set up horsepower/weight classes. For example 3200lb 850hp etc… In forza 5 I would make the 5.9l racing motor illegal, in my opinion that would make things a lot more interesting.

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Some nice tunes there Don. I’ll be sure to pick them up to show my support.