Compensation for lost game saves

Does the compensation include vehicles with special livery if the game save is lost?

No - not that I heard or knew about. All you get (if you get something at all( are some credits and a few skill points maybe.

i just spent hours building a skill score (i have recorded it) of 52 million, and was stopped so i could bank it, and it vanished. i can’t upload the recording, because it is saying due to enforcement, so i go to enforcement, on my computer and it can’t find the page, so i try to login to put a ticket in, and yes, no support either, i sign in, click on support and it tells me to login, again, so i start to type a message to a person on my xbox friends list, i get half way into typing the message, and i get locked out,…PLEASE HELP

Try with diff browser (but u are logged in here)

In Forza 4 when I lost everything (by no fault of my own) they provided:

  1. my garage of cars but all stock - no upgrades, tunes or liveries… all car masteries empty like brand new cars
  2. clothing and other junk I don’t care about
  3. Credits

They would NOT return:

a) any of the 999 skill points I had available or any of the MANY thousands I had in many hundreds of cars
b) any of the >19,000 forzathon points I had

They claimed to be unable to return:

  • any progress or prestige. Beck to 0 like you just bought the game.
  • any tune or livery you created but had not shared

Amazingly they can reach out and clear our car masteries and put an improper number of skill points on our account in FH5 but if you lose your save (a well documented issue in FH4, they’ll say it won’t/can’t be done and tell you to stop asking for “compensation.”

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Thank you very much for your reply because I can’t communicate with you in English text so I used google translate which would make my message look weird even though it’s still thanks for your reply and sorry for not replying to you in time Sorry for the message These days I have not continued the game after completing the weekly and daily tasks in the game because every time I start the game I feel lost about this thing I hope to adjust my mentality and emotions after I start the game and calm down Sorry for being a bit emotional after my previous remarks for now it looks like the future can only hope that the dev team can fix the bug before the Kwik Fit 5969 Volkswa Class 5/1600 Baja Buggen vehicle with special livery is also available or Ability to compensate players after bugs are fixed