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I recently made a half dirt half road track around the Horizon Festival that I think is really cool.

Made plenty of races before but this one however I think is a lot of fun and was curious if I could run it by someone and maybe get it used in an upcoming community event?


Hi hi!

I am just on coffee at work, but will check it out when I get home. Look forward to giving feedback.

IMPORTANT! We can only search tracks at the start location. What start point is your route and its name?

When sharing for others on forums and such, start point, route name and gamertag are all important. It also can help if you share a screenshot of the route, poster and start point as well.

Edit: forgot to coment on community events. The ones we have had were from a pair of competitions a while back. No current contest. If you have one you think can be fun and interesting, message forza staff member RetroKrystal. She has been in past the liason with custom routes and how to issue a route challenge to staff. Or maybe she shall post here and share said info ^.^

Start point is not necessary. Just go to the pause meny → creative hub folder → blueprints → press the “select” button to search → type in the name of the blueprint and gamertag if needed.

if you want to get it chosen to be featured as a community event, history shows you have a better chance of it being selected if you don’t enter it into the next routecomp; but if you do, don’t worry about this route meeting all the criteria and rules, basically anything goes if the dev’s can work with it quickly

Wait… I can search whole map from creative hub? Why wasnt I notified… but race name still a boon :-3. Also I was trying to give a serious answer. On stream they did say could issue challenges for future streams somehow, but I think they only meant novelty tracks.

So searched you up, not sure what the route is. Note I just discovered something rather awful with route creator. It will only ever share the last blueprint of yours you drove at that location. As such, if you have done another route there and driven it since then, I will never be able to see the previous one until you drive it again.

Hi, sorry for the late reply. The circuit was created using the “Horizon Festival Circuit” as a start point.

It’s an event for Rally Monsters and the event name is “Horizon Festival Rally X”. It’s 4 laps long. Set in Autumn at sunset in the heavy rain. I intended it to be for S1 but it’s currently set to any.


Actually if anyone wants to try it out in the meantime as well any feedback would be welcome.

All the information you should need is above. If you need anything else let me know :).

Alrighty! Was held up yesterday, so wasn’t able to hop in and test. Time for real time writing of feedback!

So first off peek at map. Definitely a more fun oriented map. the interesting cross definitely adds some flair. However you have managed to maintain a flow. So despite the hazard caused by a crossover, there is an apparent charm to it. So The line appears to have been well considered.

So far, so good, opening of race has some great intuition, natural and unobtrusive checkpoins that really help a player focus on the race without any issue in figuring out where to go.

One checkpoint concern is this one:

So this corner did create a bit of illusion. It is a great location, but a bit to wide, nothing that reduces route quality, it is just a consideration. Going outside on this corner, not seen in this snapshot is the car to my right. The width and angle had me going in wider, but then I clipped the guardrail.

Definitely not something to cause a spend the time redoing the route for, I have similar things in many of my tracks. But a different way to approach that checkpoint going in would be a bit earlier in the corner, just slightly and placed by turning in slightly sharper and later to give some more angle. A little bit narrower as well. Going into the corner, the mind without the track knowledge makes the turn using that reference angle and the visual of the next distant checkpoint. Once more, do it once, and know the turn easily, so very very minor bit of feedback.

Next one is a bit more consideration for balancing of matching landmarks (been done very well tying checkpoints into the setting) and driver line. Just leaving a complex section, battling for the lead. Now the shown checkpoint isnt the concern, but more the one around the corner. I saw the drivertars turning, but had I been in the lead, I would have gone straight back to the dirt section mostly due to the background road banner being the main attraction to attention after the checkpoint. The next checkpoints only visible for but a moment.

Also not a routebreaker, drivertars and such work fine, but that can really throw off a person’s rhythm and mood if they were leading and just went straight. Second lap though, clipped that same guardrail again, oops :x

This is the last reoccuring problem for me. Second lap with pack spread and faster pace, that checkpoint is too far around the corner and a bit too wide. Partly driver error, but I keep bouncing through the tunnel, and so cannot brake well into the corner. Going wide, the wall has a stager ----______ just past the outside marker. Crash, dead stop. So like with the guardrail, just a bit of a trick to the eye if was same angle, but sooner so could see the inside marker and bring outside one in just to help keep wide line from catching that outcropping. It was always tricky to brake over the bounces and stay stable but still be able to make that turn.

Fun course, but I unfortunately didn’t have the right tune. Several quite bouncy part which made it a higher level difficulty for my S1 build, but one track that it will play different in feel and difficulty for a wide variety of cars. Nothing is really left out. Very usable beyond rally monsters. Personally, I think that the S1 car is too much. S1 rally monster was never really able to get on the throttle and always in the lower gear, my tune for high speed rally was too much car. Definitely winnable, but it would need a more specialized tune.

Definitely earned a like! Great route, great planning and visually fun. The crossovers werent even noticable thanks to nice lines. Helped make the festival grounds feel larger than they actually are!

Is unfortunate cannot share more variants (it will only show your most recent driven when I try on my routes) because really anything can work for that.

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That was a lot more in depth than I could have ever hoped for!

I will definitely go back to the editor and tweak the checkpoints you felt could do with being moved forward.

I wish you could add guardrails but the resources required to do that would be too complicated to add.

Huge thanks for taking the time to put that report together. Honestly mind blown. I will let you know when I have updated the map and checkpoints.

Thanks very much.