Community Monthly Rivals - Unlimited Weight Top 50 Pontiac G8 GXP

Hello again guys I know its a little late but if any of you still wanna have a crack at the Rivals Unlimited Weight challenge I’m happy to share my build/tune with you all. This is the only Pontiac G8 GXP in the top 50 last I checked I was sitting 38th and there probably isnt more than 10 in the top 500. Its a fun alternative to the Holden, which no doubt the Holden IS faster but I often find it more satisfying to still be up there (maybe not as high) but with a completely different vehicle.

So lets get to it.

Aspiration Conversion - Centrifugal Supercharger

Forza aero - (Front and Back)

Tires and Rims:
Tire compound - Race
Front tire width - Max/Widest
Rear tire width - Max/Widest
Rim style - 5Zigen, ZR+520 (or any rim of equivalent weight)
Rim Size - Stock (Front and Rear)

Clutch - Stock
Transmission - Stock
Driveline - Race
Differential - Race

Platform and Handling:
Brakes - Race
Springs and Dampers - Race
ARBs - Race (Front and Rear)
Roll Cage - Sport
Weight Reduction - Sport

Engine and Power:
Air Filter - Stock
Fuel System - Stock
Ignition - Stock
Exhaust - Race
Camshaft - Stock
Valves - Stock
Displacement - Race
Pistons and Compression - Stock
Centrifugal Supercharger - Race
Intercooler - Stock
Oil and Cooling - Stock
Flywheel - Stock

That should give us A600 PI G8 GXP number should look like this:

Speed 7.1
Handling 6.2
Accel. 8.3
Launch 7.7
Braking 6.6

Power - 552 HP
Torque - 513 LBFT
Weight - 3644 LBS
Front - 53%
Displ. - 6.5L

Now on to the tune I will share the tune and if anyone is interested in a detailed explanation on how I tune please refer to this post ( ) where I explain in detail how I go about my tune set ups.

Tire Pressure:

Front - 30.0
Rear - 29.5




Front - (-1.1)
Rear - (-0.7)

Front - (-0.1)
Rear - (-0.2)

Front Caster
Angle - 6.2

Front - 35.00
Rear - 5.0


Front - 512.6
Rear - 554.6

Ride Height
Front - 5.7
Rear - 5.7


Rebound Stiffness
Front - 8.5
Rear - 9.5

Bump Stiffness
Front - 1.0
Rear - 1.0


Front - 100lbs (Full)
Rear - 200lbs (Full)


Force Balance - 45%
Force Pressure - 145%


Accel. - 40%
Deceleration - 30%

Looking forward to seeing what times you all are able to post. The tune along with a bunch of other A class cars can also be found in my storefront by using keyword “H8” Hope you all enjoy.


Thanks for sharing this. I’ll tune it to the same specs and see what time I’ll do with it.

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@Freheliaz Hope you come back and share results! ENJOY! :smiley:

Just used this setup in the Unlimited Rivals event, and it performed very well; even though I only got into the 1:36s, I still like this setup! Nicely done!

@SpeedDemon0388 Glad you like it, Im sure with more runs u should be able to bring it down a little more, I invite u to check my replay if you want, it may help you see gears during turns and at which points I step on the gas out of corners. It also helps to see driving lines which in many cases helps a lot. Thanks again for giving this a go glad u liked it! Be sure to stop by my storefront just keyword “H8”


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Can you win an Unicorn car in this rivals?

@Shift Drift 92 Not that I am aware of.